Hammer of the Gods Credits (DOS)

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Hammer of the Gods Credits


Published byNew World Computing Inc.
DesignHolistic Design Inc.
Executive ProducerJon Van Caneghem
ProducerMark Caldwell, Deane Rettig
ProgrammingRob Lefebvre, Ken Lightner
AnimationGreat Northwestern Graphics
GraphicsStephen Beam, Daryl Elliot, Edward Hudson, Cris-Jon Lindsay, Bonita Long-Hemsath, Joel Payne, Ed Pike, Frank Rydberg, Julia Ulano
MusicRob Lefebvre, Bruce Nunley
Digital Sound EffectsKen Lightner
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces Inc. Sound Operating System
DocumentationEd Pike
Introductional StoryBill Bridges
Quality Assurance ManagerMario Escamilla
Playtesting at Holistic DesignKevin Creekmore, Cheri Gatland Lightner, Mary Lefebvre, Cris-Jon Lindsay, Craig Reardon, Jeff Thomas
Playtesting at New World ComputingManny Lomas, Clayton Retzer, Peter Ryu, Brian Stubbings, David Vela
Playtesting at American Gamers AssociationPhil Bump, Freeman Goodyear, Kevin Hobbs, Ken King, Greg Plunket, Malcolm Todd

German Version (SOFTGOLD Computerspiele GmbH)

Project LeadJörg Gräfingholt
Programm TranslationNorbert Wellmeyer
Manual TranslationBernd Heuckendorf
CoordinationKristin Dodt
LecturerAntje Sprekeler, Annette Khartabil
TesterChristian Schneider, Michael Schievenbusch
LayoutOliver Dannat
ProducerOliver Dannat, Jörgen Schlegel
Layout/Fine‑DrawingCord Steinbüchel, Matthias Berghaus
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159537) and Frumple (1052)