Hammer of the Gods Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Intro - Setting the scene
Intro - On the high seas
Intro - The Halls of Asgaard
Intro - The Eye of Odin
Title Screen
Game Map
VERY Heroes of Might & Magic!
Quest Selection Screen
A fallen hero goes to Valhalla straight from the battlefield
Units stats
Send message
Diplomacy offers
Recruit units
Explore the world
Conquest the city
Hard decision....
Next turn
Enemies phase
Battle start.
World map, historical scenario. Note that it's intentionally inaccurate - the knowledge of land beyond your travels comes only from your people's lore.
Diplomacy screen with players' stats. Marry your daughters or send your sons as guarantors of peace.
Various diplomacy options: win your opponents with gifts or threaten them to boycott their trade.
The southern Baltic shore looks occupied... (low-resolution VGA)
At the higher difficulty levels you'll encounter sea dragons.
"Are you drunk again, Olaf? Nobody I know had ever seen a giant!"
Boarding enemy longship.
Castles retaliate against landborne foes.
Attacking a castle. As if the stone walls didn't pose enough of a problem, there's also a hostile wizard!
List of magic items.
Die by the sword, dragon! Note two drakes supporting me.
Rewards for completing a quest usually mean magic items and special warriors.