Heretic Credits (DOS)

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Heretic Credits

Raven Software

Project DirectorBrian Raffel
ProgrammingBen Gokey, Chris Rhinehart
ArtistsShane Gurno, Brian Raffel, Steve Raffel, Brian Pelletier, James Sumwalt
Level DesignMichael Raymond-Judy, Eric C. Biessman, Timothy Moore
Sound EffectsKevin Schilder
MusicKevin Schilder

id Software

Executive ProducerJohn Romero
Engine ProgrammerJohn Carmack
Engine Tools ProgrammerJohn Romero
Audio DriversPaul Radek
Cover IllustrationGerald Brom
Package Design byLouis Saekow Design

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Credits for this game were contributed by John Romero (1455), Depeche Mike (17570) and formercontrib (159937)