Heretic (DOS)

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Written by  :  Derek Reker (2)
Written on  :  Feb 02, 2004

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Innovative and original 'shoot-em-up' game in very imaginative environments

The Good

This game may just be another 1st person action game, but it has themes and level designs that are rarely found. Heretic focuses on the destruction of D'Sparil, and the monsters that bar your way are highly original. Unlike most games, once you encounter D'Sparil, he is actually one of the smallest of the enemies, making him a hard target to kill. The most likable part of this game is the levels in which you play, which are labyrinthine and are hard to navigate as you need to complete certain tasks in a specific order to make gates open, etc. Makes for a long game play, if you are interested in finding all the secret areas.

The Bad

For its time, it may have broken barriers with its graphics, but it is slightly outdated now. The pixelations may annoy you if you play this for too long. The default gamma/brightness settings may be a bit strainful for some people's eyes, but there are ways of adjusting this. One good way of over coming this is spawning the Torch for yourself: type G I M M E F 9

The Bottom Line

Only if you have a lot of time to spare. It is slightly pointless if you can't be bothered to find out all the secret areas - as the game plan is to rid your homeworld of all the minions of D'Sparil. You will have a good laugh at some of the weapons you use. Think about what the fourth weapon (your hand and the Dragon Claw) actually looks like. PS - don't stand too close to the enemies if you are going to use the Phoenix Rod, as its potency rebounds on you and damages you own health.