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Heretic (DOS)

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Written by  :  Tomer Gabel (4364)
Written on  :  Jul 14, 2000

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A decent and fun game.

The Good

Heretic is indeed a good game. Based on id Software's famous Doom engine, Heretic is built on a similar kind of gameplay but in a completely different setting: a fantasy world, as opposed to a futuristic horror/sci-fi universe.

To put it simply, Heretic features:
  • Decent graphics. Although I fail to see how the guys at Raven so-called improved the Doom engine (as quite frankly Heretic doesn't look nearly as good as the Doom series).
  • Great controls and reasonable inventory management.
  • Good level design; the game does not get tedious.
  • Reasonable music. 'nuff said.

The Bad

Again, it doesn't look nearly as good as Doom does; also, the variety (or lack thereof) of weapons is quite possibly the game's least positive aspect.

The Bottom Line

A fun game to play and replay. If you liked Doom, you will more than probably like this one as well.