Heroes of Might and Magic (DOS)

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www.nintendo.com – Game Boy Color:
    The Game Boy Color's great graphics make it a natural for games that were PC hits just a few years ago. So it's no surprise that 3DO hopes to continue its recent hot streak (Army Men: Air Combat) with this portable version of the long-running PC series.

    HM&M leavens the turn-based exploration and combat with strategy elements. Starting out with a single hero and a modest army, you'll have to build up resources, towns and armies. Soon you'll be able to recruit more heroes and armies. None of this is cheap, so be sure you collect tribute every week from farmers and mill keepers.

    Heroes can learn a wide variety of spells. Adventure spells include:

    Identify Hero (Reveals an enemy's statistics and troop size)
    View Mines (Show the location and type of all mines)
    Town Gate (Teleports a hero to an unoccupied town or castle)
    Summon Boat (Summons nearest unoccupied boat)

    Combat spells include:

    Anti-magic (Protects troops from all spells)
    Resurrect (Revives 50 soldiers)
    Curse (Causes troops to inflict minimum damage)
    Bless (Makes troops inflict maximum damage)
    Armageddon (Inflicts 50 times the spell's power on all troops)

    The 30-plus deep scenarios more than make up for the absence of a multiplayer feature. While lacking flash, the graphics do a fine job of conveying the masses of detailed information. The music has an appropriately minstrelsy sound.

    HM&M is for Game Boy Color only. It is not compatible with monochrome Game Boys.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (58794) on Jun 18, 2005.

Computer Gaming World #147 October 1996:
    "Strategy Game Of The Year" -Computer Gaming World

    "Turn Based Strategy Game Of The Year" -Computer Games Strategy Plus

    "Get this game, it's a classic" -Wade Glasscock

    "It's one of the BEST strategy games I've ever played" -Mark Asher

    "Heroes of Might and Magic is an excellent game" -Tony Damiani

    "It's great, wonderful, long term play value (Win 95 version), and highly addicting" -Barbara Christensen

    "An excellent and entertaining game" -Darrin Fesperman

    [Great Year!] [Great Game!]

    Mythical ceratures come to life as you battle for control of newly discovered lands in the award-winning strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic. Explore virgin territory and capture strategic positions and resources while expanding your influence and establishing your dominance. Recruit your heroes, gather your armies, and challenge the other warlords for supremacy. Victory is within your reach if you have the brains and brawn to take it.

  • Over thirty unique combat units
  • Dozens of strategic scenarios
  • Custom "World Builder" included in the Win 95 version
  • Exquisite SVGA graphics
  • Intense Computer AI
  • Multiplayer: hot-seat, modem, network, direct connect

  • Contributed by Adam Baratz (1344) on Apr 16, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    The realms of might and magic are expanding. New lands have been discovered and you must rise to the challenge of conquering them. Beware, for many warlords have risen to test your leadership and tactics. You must carefully manage all the resources at your disposal or you will surely be defeated. Now is the time to recruit your heroes, gather your armies, and lead them to victory.

  • Multiple individual scenarios
  • Massive interconnected campaign
  • Cunning computer opponents
  • Exquisite SVGA graphics
  • Unlimited replay
  • Multiplayer: Direct connect, network, or modem

    Contributed by Benjamin Tucker (270) on Jan 04, 2000.