Written by  :  SamandMax (78)
Written on  :  Aug 16, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A True Classic

The Good

Quest for Glory is one of the deepest games I've ever played.I've put over a hunderd hours into it,and I'm still playing and finding new things.It's graphics are excellent for this time and the animation's just as good.There's so many things you can do in the first surrounding the first town.There's a wizard,a bear,a band of thieves,a witch and many more people and things to see while you're just walking around looking for adventure.And,you can play as three different classes.A fighter,thief,or magician.All three of them are well balanced and have many things to see on their own.

The Bad

The fighting in this game is very hard.A lot of the creatures you fight are tough and seem they cannot be beaten.Plenty of skill must be had if you want to fight your way to the end in this game.Sometimes,the forest can get confusing but that's not really a negative at all.

The Bottom Line

The deepest game in the Quest for Glory series,it's better than the next four games for certain.If you're looking for a fun,long,and addictive adventure/RPG,play this one now.And don't play the remake,it takes away all the fun.