Hexxagon (DOS)

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Written by  :  Bob The Wanderer (4)
Written on  :  Mar 01, 2005
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A very unique boardgame...lots of fun

The Good

This is a game I still pull out now and then. Hexxagon is an intriguing boardgame that borrows elements from othello. The board is a configurable hex grid, and the two players start with a small number of pieces on the board; the objective is to end the game by either having more pieces on the board when the game ends or eliminating your opponent completely. The game mechanics are quite simple, and the gameplay elegant. This is a game that rewards intense strategic thought. The computer AI is generally quite good, and keeps singleplayer games challenging and fun for hours. But the real fun is taking on a friend in hotseat play. The built-in board editor is fun to fiddle with, if you want to experiment with different starting scenarios.

The Bad

The graphics aren't spectacular, but in this kind of game it doesn't really matter.

The Bottom Line

A computerized boardgame with an elegant cut-and-thrust.