Written by  :  James1 (247)
Written on  :  Sep 29, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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An alright game that plays WAY too fast!!!

The Good

I liked the concept of the game, consisting of a race track and numerous racing "cars", more like hovercraft. Your objective is to target all of these hovercraft and destroy them using a vast array of missiles, machine guns and bombs. Very good concept. Some nice 3D too.

The Bad

I personally thought this game ran way too fast, even on my Pentium 90 with 8 mb of RAM. You would need MoSlo or some other slowing down program for it to run on a newer PC. Other than this the game was fine.

The Bottom Line

I would get it if you like simulation and racing games, with a bit of shoot em up thrown in. A definite classic!!! The movies are good, the sound is good, the concept is awesome. Two thumbs up!!!