Home Alone Credits (DOS)

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Home Alone Credits


Directed byIvan Manley
Programmed byGeorge Stults, John McKinnie, Jim McManus
PlaytestingRick Saenz
Music byTom McMail
Developed byManley & Associates Inc.
Art directionJonathan Sposato
Animations & Sequence artMiik Nichols
Background artJonathan Sposato
Not HomeGlen Kirk
DesignDavid Albert, Ivan Manley
CreditsMichael Harrington
Executive producerLeigh M. Rothschild
Produced byAngie Niehoff, David Turner
GameplayPriya Saint Remy
ManualMargaret Smith
Box design byVicki Finnk-Cortina
Special Thanks toScott Marcus, Lisa Westfield, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

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