Written by  :  TheSmashingPenguin (52)
Written on  :  Dec 08, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
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Quite a good game... my first bought game too (so this is sentimentally biased)

The Good

I was fond of the movie "Hook", so I enjoyed this ride in Neverland. It's a classical point and click adventure, quite funny, with plenty of tough puzzles. Some graphics were brilliant at the time. Several great ideas... like the faces of Captain Hook and Peter Banning on the lower part of the screen, smiling and laughing according to your actions.

The Bad

Well... it was a bit bugged. I played with the french version, and the game wasn't localized properly : problems with text (not or badly translated), and stuff like that. Animation was a bit poor too, and puzzles were sometimes not explained at all, you had to figure out where to click (oh yeah, some misplaced "clicking zones" too...).

The Bottom Line

It is definitely not THE adventure game of all times... Lots of bugs, but funny and offering nice challenges... and well, it's one of the first game I've ever played, so I am sentimentally attached to it. :)