The Horde Credits (DOS)

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The Horde Credits


ProgrammersFred Ford, Ken Ford
Designer & FictionPaul Reiche III
ArtistMichael Provenza
ProducerMark Wallace
Live Action Sequences Directed byRobert Weaver
Live Action Sequences Produced byMackenzie Waggaman, Robert Weaver
Video Production Services Provided byThe Production Team
Inspiration & Guidance byMadeline Canepa
MusicBurke Trieschmann
Video EditorsNoah Hughes, Kevin Norr
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw, Neil Hanshaw
Additional ArtistsGeorge Barr, Iain McCaig, Cyrus Lum, Mira F. Ross, Steve Purcell, Paul Reiche III, Jim!!!
Video Project ManagerJulie Young
Marketing ManagerScott A. Steinberg
Sound EffectsPaul Reiche III
Additional MusicDan Nicholson, Riku Nuottaj√§rvi, Eric Berge
Video CompressionJohn Ratcliffe
Quality AssuranceBug Busters
StarringKirk Cameron (Chauncey), Michael Gregory (Evil High Chancellor Maelor), Michael McCarthy (Good King Winthrop), Henry Crowell Jr. (Herald/FNN Newscaster/Torture Victim/Narrator)
Special Thanks ToCows Across The World, Eric Lindstrom, Dan Hite, Greg Johnson, Robert Leyland, Gregory D. Hammond, Andy Mitchell, David Kirk (You Can Count On Me), Gregory Marques, Gregg Tavares, Muther's Recording Studio

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