Written by  :  Katakis | カタキス (39506)
Written on  :  Nov 06, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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A fairly good game, but a bit too short

The Good

Many people enjoy platform games when they have monster-like villains in it, and this game is no exception. In Horror Zombies from the Crypt, you play Count Frederick Valdemar, who spends most of his life slaying monsters and ghouls. There are six levels packed with hundreds of screens and full of action.

Your goal throughout the whole game is to collect all the skulls found throughout the level, and exit the level through a special door. You can’t leave the levels without the skulls. Stopping you getting to those skulls will be loads of zombies, ghouls, grim reapers, vampires, archers, and mummies, so you must throw daggers at them and they are killed.

Doing this, as usual, will award you points. You also score points by finding diamonds and jewels, usually found in hidden rooms, and you get to these rooms when you walk through paintings or fireplaces. As part of your job, you also have to find keys that will open certain doors.

Finally, there are also green keys to be found in all levels except on level one. Finding these keys will help you unlock chests, which will reveal a platform that, when stood on, will fly you up into the air near another platform. Other platforms can’t be reached unless you stand on tables or ledges. There are also special items that you let you crawl trough tight spots, but you can only crawl for a short period of time.

Just before each level, a few paragraphs tell you what you must do in that level. On level two, for example, you must raise a flag found on top of a tower to warn the village of the monsters. You can’t save your game between each level, but instead, you are given a password that you input at the game’s main screen to get to that level.

The Bad

The game features that theme from movies on the title screen, but I have no idea what it’s called. This theme may get annoying to players if they decide to listen to the music while they play throughout the game. In fact, it’s the only music that anybody can listen to throughout the game. But I got to admit; the sound effects are good enough.

Six levels are not much, considering getting all those games that have more than that amount of levels. In addition, not one or two bosses are found in the game in which you have to fight as an award for completing a certain number of levels. Also when you complete the game, you’ll face a disappointing ending.

The Bottom Line

I would give Horror Zombies three stars, but this games loses two because of the number of levels and the crap ending. *