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Paul is selected to run for Chancellor...
... because, as the professor points out, he is the most average person and therefore a perfect candidate.
The world map.
The lobbyist is your only source of income. He represents the chemical industry, weapons industry, gene industry and nuclear lobby. Be nice to them if you want their money.
An important part of campaigning is selecting the right TV spots - if you got the money.
This is a TV spot against nuclear power.
A pro-weapons campaign is not popular with the voters, but helps with the weapons lobby.
The beer tent is the place for political speeches. There is a different topic every day and you have to complete the sentences Paul starts.
Your statements please or anger the voters and - financially more important - the lobbies.
A trip abroad may also help your campaign.
The country on the left is the Vatican, the one on the right is Iraq.
Is a photo with Saddam Hussein really going to help us?
Erich Honecker, brought back to life by the gene industry.
Visiting Boris Yeltsin in Moscow.
In the bar you can meet famous German politicians, like Norbert Blüm and Willy Brandt...
... or Theo Waigel and Hans-Jochen Vogel.
An anti-gene TV ad.
Making the professor drunk allows you access...
... to his mysterious machine. Is this really just a normal election?
The big TV duel is you last chance to turn public opinion around.