The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga Credits


Project Management (ATD)Chris Gibbs, Fred Gill
Graphics Engine (ATD)Andrew Wright
Lead Coders (ATD)Lyndon Sharp, Andrew Wright
Coders (ATD)Fred Gill, Jon Howard
Support Coders (ATD)Peter Long, Andrew Wright
Hulk Animations (ATD)David West
Characters (ATD)John Dunn, Vince Shaw-Morton, David West
Maps and Textures (ATD)John Dunn, Richard Priest, Vince Shaw-Morton
Movie Sequences (ATD)John Dunn, Richard Priest, Vince Shaw-Morton, David West
Additional Artwork (ATD)Jon Baker, Tony Heap
Sound Effects (ATD)Will Davis
Thanks To (ATD)Jon Baker, Steve Bennett, Adrian Bolton, Tony Heap, Martin Smith, Julian Thomas
Producers (Silicon Dreams)Daniel Llewellyn, Brian Schorr
CR Supervisor (Silicon Dreams)Trevor Bent
In-Game Music and Audio (Silicon Dreams)Des Tong
GuitarMike Hehir
Credits VocalsChris Varne
VoicesBrian Schorr, Ian Wilson
Lead TesterChris Dolman
Game Testing U.K.Jonathan Brown, Kristian Davies, Chris Dolman, Andy Elwell, Gary Reaney, Jonathan Story
Game Testing U.S.Phillip Baker, Frank Hom, Tom Marx, Matthew Miller, Mike Schmitt
Marketing Maestros (Eidos)John Davis, Steve Starvis, Lidia Stojanovic, Andrew Watt
Marketing Maestros Germany (Eidos)Kay Lankarany, Christian Zoch
Manual LayoutBrian Schorr, Jonathan Story, Lee Wilkinson
Packaging LayoutDavid Brown, Aaron Miller

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Credits for this game were contributed by -Chris (7565)