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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (DOS)

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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Credits


Project LeaderHal Barwood
DesignHal Barwood, Noah Falstein
ProgrammingRon Baldwin, Bret Barrett, Sean Clark, Tony Hsieh, Michael Stemmle
Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Vince Lee, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
Graphics / ArtworkJames Alexander Dollar, William L. Eaken, Mike Ebert, Avril Harrison, Anson Jew, James McLeod, Collette Michaud
MusicClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, John T. Williams
ProducerShelley M. Day
PlaytestingWayne Cline, James Hanley, Howard Harrison, David Maxwell, Bret Mogilefsky, Patrick Sirk, Kristina Sontag, Tabitha Tosti, David Wessman
StoryHal Barwood, Noah Falstein
Voice Technology ByAric Wilmunder
Voices Produced & Directed ByTamlynn Niglio
Background Art ByJames Alexander Dollar, William L. Eaken (Lead Artist), Mike Ebert, Avril Harrison
Animation ByAvril Harrison, Anson Jew, James McLeod, Collette Michaud (Lead Animator)
Indiana Jones Theme Music Composed ByJohn T. Williams
Original Music and Arrangements ByClint Bajakian, Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Featuring the Voices ofDenny Delk, David Gitin, Jane Jacobs, Nick Jameson, Doug Lee (as Indy), Joe Paulino, David Kirk Traylor
SCUMM(TM) Story System ByRon Gilbert, Vince Lee, Brad P. Taylor, Aric Wilmunder
iMUSE(TM) Music System ByMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
Lead Testing ByWayne Cline, Chip Hinnenberg
Additional ProgrammingKalani Streicher
Additional Art ByBrent E. Anderson, Martin Cameron, Mark J. Ferrari, Sean Turner
Additional Animation ByBrent E. Anderson, Martin Cameron, Mark J. Ferrari, Sean Turner
Music Re‑Orchestration ByRobin Goldstein, Joseph White
Music Produced ByPeter McConnell
Sound Effects ByClint Bajakian, Robert Marsanyi, Joseph White
Additional Voice Tools ByJustin Graham
Production Assistance ByClaire Barrault
Voice Editing ByClaire Barrault, Casey Donahue Ackley
Additional Testing ByJo Ashburn, Leyton Chew, Justin Graham, Chip Hinnenberg, Kirk Lesser, Ron K. Lussier, Eli Mark, David Popovich, Jon Van, Ezra
Physical ProductionWilliam L. Eaken (Package Illustration), Judith Lucero (Manual and Hint Book), Robin Holland (Production Marketing Manager), Mark Shepard (Manual Design)
The Staff of LucasArts GamesLucy Bradshaw (Associate Director of Development), Khris Brown (Product Support Supervisor), Steve Dauterman (Manager of Planning and Analysis), Kelly Flock (Director of Development), Doug Glen (General Manager), Jo Ellen Reiss (Direct Sales Manager), Sue Seserman (Public Relations Manager), Jack Sorensen (Director of Business Operations), Lisa Star (International Coordinator), James Wood (Computer Systems Supervisor)
Product SuportErin Collier, Mara Kaehn, Livia Knight
Computer SupportThomas J. Caudle, Randy Spencer
Direct Sales RepresentativesRita Bullinger-Allen, Wendy P. Judson, Kerre Mauel, Gabriel McDonald
Administrative SupportAnnemarie Barrett, Meredith Cahill, Joseph Donaldson, Marianne Dumitru, Lex Eurich, Deborah Fine, Michele Harrell, Brenna Kruppa-Holden, Marcia Keasler, Erin Kelly, Liz Nagy, Debbie Ratto, Andrea Siegel, Dawn Yamada
Friends of IndySteve Arnold, Mark Falstein, Anthony Garcia, Gregory D. Hammond, Stacey Lamiero
Long-Suffering Significant OthersElise Baldwin, Barbara Barwood, Wendy Rae Clark
SCUMM Advice Offered ByRon Gilbert, David Grossman, Brian Moriarty, Tim Schafer, Jennifer Sward
SCUMM Color Shifts ByAric Wilmunder
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg
Translation to GermanBoris Schneider-Johne
Translation SupportHeinrich Lenhardt, Torsten Oppermann
Translation to SpanishRandall Mage
Support (Germany)Kristin Dodt
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design
Collar ModelMilton Williams

Dutch version

Translation CopyrightHome Software Benelux BV
Project ManagerMaureen Beer
International CoordinationHarry van Horen, Ellen Willems
Project SupportAllard van Heusden
Editor in ChiefJan-Johan Belderok, Rob Van Dam
Manual Translation & EditingGryphon Game Translations

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