Written by  :  MAT (166030)
Written on  :  Nov 10, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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If I could have only one game, this'd be the one

The Good

There's awfully lot of good memories that tie me to this game, aside from nostalgia, to ever even consider possibility I may like some game more than I like this one from the moment I first played it, back on my Amiga (never did finish it on Amiga, though, was some error in the final scene, rats). Monkey Island had a brilliant artwork and was a classic to consider, with all the elements to attract an average player, Indiana Jones was just a spin-off of a movie. Still, Fate of Atlantis, always considered as Indy IV took a story on its own, and surpassed the movies in almost every possible way. Nazis are still here as Indy's ultimate nemesis, wouldn't be the same without them for our adventurous archaeologist.

This game starts really unique with an opening that is half-gameplay half-cinematic that you may skip with a renowned RMC, but then lose a big portion of fun. Although all the characters beside Indy are new, it was really great to spot Marcus Brody in the opening, if even for a short time (he did look older, though). The hand-drawn graphics is breathtaking and with the most incredible soundtrack will soak you in to the atmosphere so hard you'll start feeling the worlds around you.

The script is well written and with multiple paths and endings that were all so well executed you won't regret a second of replaying the game. Dialogues are witty and on the level of LucasArts' golden era, and voice-acting (assuming you have a CD-ROM version of this game) is superb. LucasArts was/is always the leading game company when it comes to the quality of voice-actors, but this game is simply amazing, not to mention probably one of their first to had a voice-acting in general. The accents were truly amazing.

The Bad

Not one peep.

The Bottom Line

This is a true heart of an adventure game. LucasArts' finest hours, perfect in every aspect. I hardly saw a game that could compete with level of quality and entertainment this one has. Besides, I'm still a die-hard fan of 3rd-person point-and-click graphic adventures, even though they are remnants from the past nowadays. If you consider yourself to be a true gamer, you won't miss this game for anything... though I suppose any true gamer probably already has a copy of this game. The rest of you, go seek perfection in newer games, 'cos to love this game, you gotta have some solid gameplay background to support you.