Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
College, museum, our favourite archeology place
Water stuff, yeah right, just got the Cross of Coronado
In-game menu
Library above tunnels
Underground lake, now dried out
Second marker
Ah, Venice!
Travelling the map
Stealing the code
Wearing the nazi uniform
Brunwald castle
Closer to death
Passing the borders
Ticket - whacket
Running to fly
Last point for saving
Business to attend to
Indy's up to razers
Leap of faith
Holy grail
What does this ancient machine do?
Using your trusty whip!
A Nazi book burning rally in Berlin, Germany.
A cut-scene with the evil Nazis
On board the Nazi Zeppelin
Any landing that you can walk away from is a good landing!
Why does anybody keep pulling guns out on me?
In the kitchen of the Nazi castle. (VGA)
Indy runs into Hitler. (VGA)
In a German airport. (VGA)
At the controls of a bi-plane. (VGA)
Indy tries to talk his way past the ticket taker aboard the Zeppelin. (VGA)
"Don't call me that, please..." (VGA)
Walter Donovan enlists Indy to search for the Holy Grail. (VGA)
The Grail Diary provides clues along the way. (VGA)
Sewer system beneath the Venice. (VGA)
Castle Brunwald. (VGA)
Plaza in Venice. (VGA)
Title Screen (EGA)
Indy's office (EGA version)
In the library (EGA) - the shelves look beautiful, but actually looking for the correct books is very labor-intensive.
The biplane manual (EGA)
In the catacombs (EGA)
The art gallery (or perhaps rather storeroom) at Castle Brunwald (EGA), including some items the Nazis would consider "Degenerate Art"...
The alarm device room in the castle and another stupid Nazi soldier (EGA)
Another Parteitag in Berlin... (EGA)
The airport (EGA) - Indy and Henry have their eyes on a nice biplane...
Time to switch means of transport! (EGA) - Actually, with a pass signed by Hitler himself, getting past every roadblock is a piece of cake, much easier than travelling by air.