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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (DOS)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Difficulty selection (EGA)
Indy's trademark whip swinging (EGA)
Climbing a ladder. (EGA)
Mola Ram appears, whip him before he throws a fireball! (EGA)
Being chased by a bat. (EGA)
The only way to beat a thugee guard; shove him off a cliff. (EGA)
Liberated a child. Two more to go. (EGA)
Watch your steps, or you'll be flying. (EGA)
Escape with the mine cart. (EGA)
Start of a mine cart level. (EGA)
Prepare yourself for a crash. (EGA)
Run over the enemy. (EGA)
Whip the guard for extra points. (EGA)
Made it! (EGA)
Start of a temple level. (EGA)
It's time for a lava bath! (EGA)
They've been here for a long time. (EGA)
There it is, the Sankara. (EGA)
Got the Sankara, leaving this level. (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA).
Choosing the Difficulty Level (CGA).
Beware with the Guards! (CGA).
A Trapped Child (CGA).
A Dangerous Situation (CGA).
Second Level (CGA).
Game Over (CGA).