IndyCar Racing Credits


Original ConceptDavid Kaemmer
Developed byPapyrus Publishing Inc.
Published byPapyrus Publishing Inc.
Lead ProgrammingDavid Kaemmer
ProgrammingEugene Lin, John Wheeler
Additional ProgrammingDavid Cheung, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce McCulley, Celso Minnitti, John Yu
Graphics / ArtworkAdam Levesque, Doug McCartney, Warren Sze
Additional Graphics / ArtworkRobert Dunlavey
MusicJoe McDermott, George Alistair Sanger
SoundRob Wallace
ProducerDan Scherlis
Assistant ProducerAnn-Marie Gianantoni
Writing / Dialogue / StorySteve Vandergriff, Jack Zinkan, Bill Tempero
Acting / VoiceoversPaul Page
UndeterminedAndrew Kitson
German Manual TranslationMichele Jacobsen, Christian Weikert
Spanish translationRandall Mage
Production U.K. by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd.Catherine Spratt, Robert McGrath, Matthew Spall, Matthew Walker
Special Thanks ToCyberDrive , Steve Dalton, The many betateters for their effort

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Credits for this game were contributed by Derrick 'Knight' Steele (2425), formercontrib (159795), Randall Mage (120) and Trixter (9128)