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Inferno Credits


Created byDigital Image Design Ltd.
Published byOcean Software Ltd.
ConceptShaun Hollywood
DesignShaun Hollywood
DirectionShaun Hollywood
Soundtrack byNik[of A.S.F.], Mrs Fiend[of A.S.F.], Barry Leitch
Head of ProgrammingColin Bell
Game ProgrammingJamie Cansdale, Dave Dixon, Nevil Plura
Vectorgraphic DesignAndrew Bate, Paul Hollywood
Graphic DesignRobert Ball, Donna Chippendale, Shaun Hollywood
Sound EffectsRapid Eye Movement
S.R.P. Vectorgraphic SystemRussell Payne
Mission DesignDave Dixon, Paul Hollywood
Dialog Written byRobert Ball, Shaun Hollywood
Voice CharacterizationGerry Kersey, Anthony Mulligan, Polylang Multimedia Ltd.
Dialog SamplingDylan Bourne
Production Liasing, Ocean UKJames Hawkins, Jon Oldham
Additional WorkDiamien Edwards, Andy Gahan, Tim Johnson, Roderick Kennedy, Alison Whitters
QA Manager, Ocean UKFrank Parkinson
QADaniel Bourne, Anthony Burns, Mike Carrol, Lee Clare, Simon Crawford, George Drumer, Simon Longworth, Anthony McGarry, Stuart Poole, Cheryl Wadsworth
Packaging and Advertising DesignW. Stephen Blower, Ged Grainger, Carl Pugh, James Senior
Inferno Comic StripShaun Hollywood, Sean Phillips
Manual TextDon Whiteford
Technical IllustrationMichael Brown, Paul Dolan
Special Thanks ToIan Boardman, Martin Kenwright, Charles Wallace, Nik, Chris, Myelin, Youth, Suddi Raval, Butter Fly Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by Mok (2008), formercontrib (159638) and Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe (1691)