Innocent Until Caught Credits


Creative DirectorAndy Blazdell
Technical DirectorSimon Lipowicz
Animation GraphicsJack Wilkes
Background ArtistStuart Hughes
Character ArtistGary Welch
Additional GraphicsTahir Rashid
Amiga Code ConversionGlyn Kendall
Amiga Graphics ConversionAlexander Martin, Aziz Rashid
Music composed byIan McCue
Sound effects byRik Ede
Amiga music conversion byRik Ede
PC Music driver written byShaun Hollingworth, Matt Furniss
Amiga Music driver written byLee Wright
PC Rendered Sequences byPaul Franklin, Richard Browne
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
Associate ProducerNik Wild
DocumentationThe Word Factory
Documentation TranslationAlpha CRC Ltd.; Cambridge

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Credits for this game were contributed by B.L. Stryker (21074), -Chris (7566) and formercontrib (159708)