Interpose Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Start menu
Starting a new game
Starting a new level
Loading data
Level introduction
Here we go!
They send fighters against me
Agg! I am undone!
This time I take out some of them
The blown-out husks of their ships yield sweet sweet currency!
Coming down for a landing in the mid-level shop
What would I like to buy?
Well, I can't afford this.
Not even now!
Game over!
Shareware version : how to buy screen 1
Shareware version : how to buy screen 2
Game options screen
The coins indicate that there's been plenty of carnage
Coins, enemies and power-ups all in one screen
That nasty little gun at the bottom of the screen pops up, blasts away, then disappears. Very annoying!
These things don't seem to be affected by being shot at. Creep past them.
An end of level boss and friend.