The Island of Dr. Brain Credits (DOS)

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The Island of Dr. Brain Credits


DesignerPatrick Bridgemon
Educational ConsultantSusan Simmons
Produced and Directed byBrett Miller
Lead ProgrammerTodd Powers
Programmed byOliver Brelsford, Michael Lytton, Martin Peters, Frank Roan
Art Design byJon Bock
Senior ArtistDennis Lewis
Art byFrances Anne Powell, Daryle Smith ("the gun")
Animation byFrances Anne Powell, Daryle Smith
Music Composed and Produced byRobert Atesalp
Quality Assurance byJoe Carper, Dave Clingman
Development System byDan Foy, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Jack Magne, J. Mark Hood, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, Larry Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Mark Wilden
Q.A. Configuration TeamMichael Brosius, Dave Clingman, William R. Davis Sr., Lynne S. Dayton, Tina Deardorff, Matthew Genesi, Jon Meek, Diana Mulligan, Sharon Simmons, Douglas Wheeler
PlaytestersRon Boyd, Cyrus Chan, Rosaline Chan, Jonathon DeBaun, Ryan Duffy, Zac Halls, Jade Lazaris, Almanda Luthy, Elsa Mueller, Melissa Mueller, Megan Nilmeier, Jeremy Root, Mathhew Sconce, Stan Simmons, Shaun Spurgeon, Cassia Thompson, Dominic Trupiano, Brandi Tsang
Special ThanksDave Morrow, Josh Mandel, Stuart Moulder, Ann Bridgemon, Jamie Robinson


ConceptJosh Mandel
WriterPatrick Bridgemon
Additional Written MaterialMichael Lytton, Martin Peters
Additional ResearchSusan Simmons
DesignNathan Gams

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