Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games Credits


ProducerIan Currie
Game DesignIan Currie, Linda Currie, Shaun Lyng, Alex Meduna
CampaignsLinda Currie, Shaun Lyng, Charles Miles
Characters & DialogueShaun Lyng
ProgrammingIan Currie, Alex Meduna
Serial CommunicationsLuis Huapaya
Additional ProgrammingRay E. Bornert II, Martin Gillet, Luis Huapaya, John Miles, David Smoth, Rad Software[Smacker], Human Machine Interface[NetNow]
GraphicsJennifer Hamilton
AnimationJennifer Hamilton
Additional GraphicsHarry Akalestos, Chris Fram, Mohanned Mansour, David Menehan
MusicGuido Henkel, Steve Wener
SoundSean McDermott
Voice DirectorShaun Lyng
Sound EngineersMarc Andre Bourbonnais, Randy Young
VoicesCarl Alacchi, Sonja Ball, Jude Benny, Tyrone Benskin, Thor Bishopric, Mark Camacho, Aidon Devine, Bruce Dinsmore, Richard M. Dumont, Ian Finlay, Sergei Golikov, AJ Henderson, Matt Holland, Gary Jewel, Rick Jones, Donald Jordon, John Koensgen, Teddy Lee Dillon, Pierre Lenoir, Pauline Little, Shaun Lyng, John Moore, Nancy Neilson, Michael Rudder, Terrence Scammell, Frank Schorpian, Wayne Spencer, John Tarzwell, Vlasta Vrana
Voices recorded atPlatinum Heights Studio; Montreal; Quebec - Canada
Game ManualBrenda Romero, Charles Miles
Playtesting (Lead Tester)Krista Thompson
PlaytestingMike Anderson, Mike Bessuile, Gary Brockelsby, Nathan Bruyere, Mark Camacho, Linda Currie, Michael Curtis, Mitch Eatough, Leo Elson, Paul D. Gittins, Christopher Griffen, Robert Hansen, Megan Hartzell, Steven Hartzell, Dan Hosmer, Nathan Koch, Jeff Lait, Phil Lewis, Shaun Lyng, Wolfgang Manousek, Jim McDonnell, Steve McIvor, Charles Miles, Mike Montgomery, Tom Morawek, David Morton, Steve O'Brien, Michael C. Percell, Doug Sanderson, Dan Sherry, Dana Smith, Tom Weatherhead, Rob Wineck
Special Thanks ToMark Camacho, Robert Hansen, Guido Henkel, Brian Lyng, Arden Ryshpan, ACTRA and its members, Each and every playtester, Dantek Computers, Our families, All our favourite take-out joints

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Credits for this game were contributed by NGC 5194 (17297) and formercontrib (159671)