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    • 60 mercenaries to choose from, each with their own attitude and voice. Some of the mercenaries have strange quirks. Others are just plain strange.
    • Gamers have the ability to build on the mercenaries' strengths and skills to develop a mercenary to their strategic standards.
    • Over 2,000 frames of detailed overhead animation bring mercenaries to life with fluid motion.
    • Intense turn-based combat allows the gamer to plan every action.
    • 60 diverse playing fields filled with heart-stopping missions deep in enemy territory.
    • Three exciting levels of play. The difficulty option affects the size of the enemy's army, their aggressiveness, and their cunning.
    • Spectacular digitized sound effects throughout the game.
    • Non-linear game play. How each game unfolds depends entirely on the gamer. Go straight for the enemy's throat, or crush him slowly.


    It's been a long day. Three of your best mercenaries are in the infirmary with shotgun wounds, and the medic is threatening to quit if the casualties continue. The workers are demanding more money, and an informer tells you that one of your mercenaries is about to snap. Still, you won three sectors away from the heavily armed enemy, and the medicinal sap you sold brought in a nice chunk of change. That's just an ordinary day at the office in Jagged Alliance, Sirtech's award-winning blend of strategy, tactics, and role-playing.

    In Jagged Alliance, you control a group of mercenaries hired by scientists to wrest control of a tropical island away from Lucas Santino. Santino wants the rare plants on the island for his own nefarious purposes, and it's your job to see he doesn't get them. Arm your mercs with guns, explosives, and high-tech gear, and send them into the jungle to win back the island, sector-by-sector.

    Jagged Alliance allows you to plan every move in your campaign, from how much you pay your workers to where you place the explosives to blow open an enemy stronghold. Its turn-based combat will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore dense jungles, booby-trapped buildings, and snake-infested lagoons. Jagged Alliance is far more than just another tactical combat game. Your men aren't just faceless grunts. Each of your mercenaries has a distinctive personality, skills, and voice. Mercenaries improve as they gain experience--unless they are wounded, or freak out under the strain! Jagged Alliance is a mix of role-playing and strategy unlike any other game.

    Jagged Alliance is available for MS-DOS on CD-ROM or 3.5" floppies.


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Press release (April 15, 1995):
    Jagged Alliance Released!

    Ogdensburg, NY _ April 15, 1995 _ Sir-tech Software, Inc. announced today the release of Jagged Alliance for PC/CD-ROM and MS-DOS 3.5" formats. Jagged Alliance is the first in a new series and a new genre of strategy role-playing games. Combining a delicate mix of high technology, tactical maneuvers and strategic planning with a nerve-racking storyline, Jagged Alliance will take the gamer's strategy and role-playing talents to the very limits.

    According to Ian Currie, R&D Director and lead designer of the project, Jagged Alliance achieves what few strategy games have been able to do, "The introduction of a story and personality brings the strategy game to the next level, widening its appeal to both strategy gamers and role-players alike. We set out to create a balance between the two genres and we're excited by the entertainment the mix created."

    "What would happen if you took MicroProse's X-COM, sucked out the aliens, injected more 'personality' and role-playing elements, and then threw the thing onto a jungle island? You'd probably get something resembling Sir- tech's long-awaited game of tactical man-to-man combat, Jagged Alliance," said Chris Lombardi, Editor of Computer Gaming World.

    An incredible amount of digital speech and over 4,000 lines of professionally recorded dialogue brings each merc and character in the game to life. Intricate writing, attention to detail and individualized design of each of the 60 mercs provides the gamer with a unique gaming world filled with a myriad of entertaining dialogue and personalities. Detailed sound effects will pull the gamer into the jungle air and make them feel the impact of every gunshot, as they travel through the treacherous island landscape.


    The island of Metavira is invaluable as the only known source of the Fallow tree, a tree whose sap is a vital ingredient in a precious medicinal sap. As the tree is seedless and lacks the ability to reproduce, the limited quantity of sap available is of great concern. Jack and Brenda Richards, a father and daughter scientist team, are dedicated to researching the delicate procedure necessary to tap the trees and more importantly, finding a cure for its infertility. Lucas Santino, a once trusted fellow researcher, now traitorous, has his own agenda. Motivated by greed, Santino seeks to control of the only source of the Fallow tree's sap, and has nearly succeeded in taking over the island. Jack and Brenda turn to the gamer, a person with connections to A.I.M. (the Association of International Mercenaries) as their only hope of regaining control of the island.

    Game Play

    Gamers will try to put together their team of mercenaries by reviewing the dossiers of 60 mercs. Each merc has their own skills and abilities, quirks and idiosyncrasies. Gamers will soon discover that each merc has their own distinct personality and preferences. Jagged Alliance's merc interaction is unique and incomparable to any game published to date. The interactivity of the mercs will provide gamers with an uncompromising level of diversity and entertainment.

    Balancing a team is an important aspect of all party-based role-playing games. Jagged Alliance is no exception. Finding the balance of tough, mean-fighting mercs and the behind-the-lines doctoring and mechanical talent is up to each individual gamer's preference. Once a team is gathered, gamers will determine how, when and where the mercs move. Strategic planning and tactical maneuvering go hand in hand as the gamer sets out to regain control of the island piece by piece. Of course, there is one hitch. Santino's thugs will be on the move too.

    Intense, turn-based combat lets the gamer carefully consider every move. The intricate AI (artificial intelligence) of Santino's men and the treacherous traps will keep the gamer fully engrossed and aware of every detail within Jagged Alliance.

    Real-time is the normal, continuous passage of time. Once the gamer has secured an area, game play changes to real-time allowing the gamer to quickly and conveniently scout out the area for any of the goodies Santino may have stashed for his troops or detect any of the traps the thugs may have set up.

    Jagged Alliance is not about brute force combat. Gamers will use different approaches for different situations. There are a variety of different actions mercs are capable of and a myriad of war time tools at their disposal. Strategies can vary and there are a multitude of ways to tackle Santino's forces. Creativity in gamer's tactics will pay off in the end.


    * 60 mercenaries to choose from, each with their own attitude and voice, offers the gamer uncompromising variety. Some of the mercenaries have strange quirks, others are just strange.

    * Gamers have the ability to build on the mercenaries' strengths and skills to develop a mercenary to their strategic standards.

    * Over 2,000 frames of intricately detailed overhead animation bring mercenaries to life with natural fluid motion.

    * Intense turn-based combat allows the gamer to plan every action.

    * Full screen playing area and strategic view that engulf the gamer in exciting action while maximizing the view for strategic planning.

    * 60 diverse playing fields filled with heart-stopping missions as gamers traverse into enemy territory.

    * Three exciting levels of play allow the gamer to experience the mission at their own speed and to replan their attack time and time again. Of course, the gamer's choice will determine how tough the campaign will be. The option will affect the size of the enemy's army, their aggressiveness and their cunning to name a few. The 'Easier' level may well be useful for first time gamers, while the 'Harder' setting is recommended only for the seasoned, hard-core gaming veterans who are locked, loaded and ready for action.

    * Dramatic musical score reflects changing events and heightens the interactive experience.

    * Spectacular digitized sound effects throughout game play.

    * Non-linear game play: How each game unfolds depends entirely on the gamer.

    * Frustration-free play: Seamless and intelligent interface allows the gamer to battle Santino and his men, not the computer.

    Jagged Alliance's strategic nature offers an inherently replayable game to the user since the opponent's actions are truly based on the gamer's actions. Santino's men are ruthless and unpredictable opponents, challenging gamers to the most intense playing experience on the market.

    "Jagged Alliance appears to be a deep, sophisticated game that will keep tactical combat fans, and maybe even role-players, locked, cocked and ready to rock," said Chris Lombardi, Computer Gaming World, April 1995 issue.

    Founded in 1981, Sir-tech Software, Inc. is a veteran game publisher focused entirely on the entertainment sector. Both internal and external product development are supported for personal computers. New products to be introduced in 1995 will have full CD-ROM multimedia capabilities, including full speech and graphic enhancements. Sir-tech's products are known for their interactivity, vast gaming worlds and rich and detailed storylines.

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Back of Box (German Version):
    Kampf um Metavira

    Sonnenaufgang ...der Hubschrauber setzt auf. Palmblätter bewegen sich im Wind und Wolken aufgewirbleten Staubes wehen in die Gesichter derer, die voller Hoffnung auf Ihre Ankunft gewartet haben.

    Kurze Zeit später stehen Sie im Lager Ihrem Auftraggebern gegenüber. Eine schnelle Begrüßung ist alles, was Ihnen zuteil wird, bevor Sie in Ihr Quartier gebracht werden, um dort die Vorbereitungen für die nächsten Tage zu treffen.

    Dies ist also Ihre erste Bekanntschaft mit der Insel Metavira, ihren Bewohnern, Ihren Gegnern und den Mitgliedern der I.V.S.

    Jack und Brenda Richards - zwei Wissenschaftler, die das lebensrettende Geheimnis der Fallow-Bäume entdeckten - sind dringend auf Ihre Hilfe angewiesen. Doch ihr ehemaliger Mitarbeiter Santino, der beinahe die gesamte Insel beherrscht und dessen Gier ihm mehr bedeutet als jedes Menschenleben, wird Ihren Bemühungen gewiß nicht tatenlos zusehen ...

    Die Lage ist kritisch - wird es Ihnen gelingen, die Insel zu befreien? JAGGED ALLIANCE ist der Beginn einer neuen Serie, die zugleich eine neue Art von Strategie-Rollenspielen darstellt - eine Mischung aus heutiger und zukünftiger Technologie, taktischen Manöveren, strategischer Planung und nicht zuletzt einer nervenaufreibenden Story, die Ihre taktischen und rollenspielerischen Fähigkeiten bis an die Grenzen fordern wird.

    • 60 verschiedene Charaktere
    • Flüssige Animationen und filmreife Zwischensequenzen
    • Digitale Sprachausgabe und atmosphärisch dichter Soundtrack
    • Nicht-lineares Gameplay - jedes Spiel ist anders!
    • Replay-Optionen - finden Sie Santinos Schwachstelle!
    • Einfache Handhabung - kämpfen Sie gegen Santino...
      ... und nicht gegen den Computer!

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Back Cover:

    Lock & Load. You're Going In.

    Jagged Alliance - the ultimate sight and sound extravaganza that combines strategy with incredible role-playing action.

    Desperatelyyou are called to the island of Metaviraby scientists Jack Richards and his lovely daughter Brenda. You hear of their plight - the Fallow tree, its precious, medicinal sap on which countless of lives depend, is under the control of the evil and traitorous Santino. With most ofthe island already in his grasp, you must hand-pick a force of renegade mercenaries and take back the island by force. That is, if you can...

    It'll test every nerve you've got! It's ruthless, ingenious... and downright dangerous.

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