Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow - Flash Point Korea Credits

Software Development

ProducerAndy Hollis
Assistant ProducerKevin Kushner
Art DirectorPaul Stankie
AH-64D Longbow Project DiretorWill McBurnett

Simulation Part

ProgrammingTsuyoshi Kawahito, Will McBurnett, Steven Muchow, Brent Oster, Wendy White
DesignMike Francis, Robert Irving, Vincent Lin
ArtworkGary McElhaney, Carol Roberts, Brian G. Smith, Paul Stankiewicz, Chris Yesh
SoundJason Cobb, Tsuyoshi Kawahito, Stan Neuvo

Voice Recording & Actors

ProducerKevin Kushner
Recording EngineersStan Neuvo, Jason Cobb
ScriptKevin Kushner, Mike Francis
Voice ActorsFrank Dietz (Co-Pilot; Aerial Gunner), Stephan Lips (Wingman), Christina Vollmer (Base; Air Control), Kai Leibert (Radio Message), Jörg Neumann (Radio Message)

Video Production

ScriptMike Francis
LecturerKevin Kushner
Movie ActorsDavid Swofford (Kenneth Garrue), Cathy Conley Swofford (Dawn Saunu)


EditorDan Powers
StudioMatchframe; Austin - Texas
Foley, Audio MixingStan Neuvo
Voice EngineeringJason Cobb
Voice Engineering/WAV‑filesKevin Kushner
Movie Transfer & CompressionJeni Day

Quality Assurance

Studio Services LeadKay Gilmore
Project LeadReece Thornton (Katana)
Assistant Project LeadJon Piasecki (Wolf), Graham Wood (Voodoo)
Hardware Lab TechnicianDee R. Starns (Diablo)
PlaytestingEd Ball (Fuzzy), Steven Bonds (Shadow), Scott Loyd (Fang), Grant McDaniel (Mustang), Myque Oullette (Droid), Kent Raffray (Weasel), Lance Stites (Shark), Kirk Watson (Torch), Robert Windisman (Thor)
Playtesting German VersionFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Monika Lettner-Rose, Stephan Lips
Customer Support LiasionCinco Barnes
Additional PlaytestersSteven J. Chmura, Doug Cronkhite, Len Hjalmarson, Buzz Hoffman, Chris Jones, Rod White

Marketing / Game Materials

Package & Manual Design LeadTrey Hermann
Package Print & ProductionAl Carnley, Trey Hermann, Craig Miller
Cover PhotographyMcDonnell‑Douglas Corporation
DocumentationTuesday Frase
LecturerDavid Ladyman
Documentation Design & ProductionSusan Bednar, Catherine Cantieri, Roger Kriegel
Manual Translation ManagerDominique Iyer
Manual TranslatersFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Monika Lettner-Rose, Stephan Lips, Christina Vollmer
Product ManagerChristopher Plummer
Public RelationsDavid Swofford, Teresa Potts
World Wide Web CoordinationDavid Kozlowski
Jane's Combat Sims Marketing GeniusFrank Gibeau

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toDennis Byers, Randy, Jason, Stan, Paul B., All relatives

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