Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow Credits (DOS)

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Jane's Combat Simulations: AH-64D Longbow Credits


ProducerAndy Hollis
DirectorWill McBurnett
Art DirectorPaul Stankie
Assistant ProducerKevin Kushner
Visual SystemsDonavon Keithley
ProgrammingTsuyoshi Kawahito, Donavon Keithley, Will McBurnett, Steven Muchow, Chris Norden, Wendy White
Design RealizationJeremy Dombroski, Mike Francis, Robert Irving, Kevin Kushner, Vincent Lin
ArtGary McElhaney, Carol Roberts, Brian Smith, Paul Stankie, Chris Yesh
SoundBarry Leitch
Quality AssuranceEd Ball, Cinco Barnes, Anthony Castoro, James Flores, Steven Barnes, Scott Loyd, Grant McDaniel, Brad Merrell, Kent Raffray, Mike Sanchez, Lance Stites, Kirk Watson, Robert Windisman, Richard Zinser

Documentation Credits

Original DocumentationTuesday Frase, Jennifer Spohrer
Electronic DocumentationTuesday Frase
EditorDavid Ladyman
Original Design and LayoutSusan Bednar, Catherine Cantieri, Valerie Horne, Robert Chapman
Additional ArtWendi Dunn, Lisa Goodrich

Voice Recording

German Recording StudioFFS GmbH; Munich

Video Production

ScriptPhilip Brogden, Mike Francis
DirectionRichard Kooris
ProducerMichael Harvey
Video TechnicianBill Hutchison
TechnicianBrian Eckstein
ExposerDan Murphy
ElectricianMark Lindsey
Camera LeadCharlie Seligman
CameraWally Roswell
StagehandJohn Spath
RequisitesAdam Jones
MakeupLucy Santamassino
Production AssistantRob McGrath, Francois Pointeau
VolunteerBrad Pfister
EditorDan Powers
Foley, Audio MixingJason Cobb, Stretch Williams
Movie Transfer and CompressionJeni Day
ActorsDerrick Sanders (Gamer Pilot), Sheryl Davis (Helen Highwater), Steve Pritchard (Enemy Soldier 1; Mechanic 1; Russian Infantrist; Russian 1; Russian Tank Soldier), J.P. Inglehart (Colonel; General; Major), Garland Thompson (Mark Erdman), Galen Svanas (Brandon Steers), David Swofford (Kenneth Garrou), Philip Brogden (Panamesian Soldier; Iraki Soldier), Jeremy Dombroski (Signaler; Mechanic 3; Homecoming Soldier; Russian 2; Russian Soldier), Mike Francis (Member of Ground Crew; US Military Policemen 1; Homecoming Soldier), Andy Hollis (President), Will McBurnett (Russian 3; Angry Sergeant), Chris Norden (Co-pilot in mission briefing), Tim Ray (US Military Policemen 2; Soldier on the withdrawal), Carol Roberts (Wife of homecoming soldier), Brian G. Smith (Homecoming Soldier; Soldier on the withdrawal; Russian Soldier)

Quality Assurance

Project LeadReece Thornton (Katana)
Assistant Project LeadJon Piasecki (Wolf), Kevin Schlipper (Kahn), Graham Wood (Voodoo)
Hardware Lab TechnicianDee R. Starns (Diablo)
PlaytesterEd Ball (Fuzzy), Cincho Barnes (Psycho), Steven Bonds (Shadow), Anthony Castoro (Crash), James Flores (jafo), Scott Loyd (Fang), Grant McDaniel (Mustang), Brad Merrell (Bulldog), Kent Raffray (Weasel), Mike Sanchez (Droid), Lance Stites (Shark), Kirk Watson (Torch), Robert Windisman (Thor), Richard Zinser (Zippy)
German PlaytesterFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Stephan Lips
Studio Services LeadKay Gilmore

Marketing / Game Materials

Product ManagerChristopher Plummer
Public RelationsDavid Swofford
Jane's Combat Sim. MarketingFrank Gibeau
Package DesignAl Carnley, Susan Bednar
Package PhotographsMcDonnell‑Douglas Corporation, Mike Francis, Hal Klopper
Package ArtworkSam Yeates
DocumentationJennifer Spohrer
LecturerDavid Ladyman, Tuesday Frase, Jennifer Spohrer, Melissa Tyler
German DocumentationFrank Dietz, Kai Leibert, Stephan Lips
Documentation Design LeadSusan Bednar
Documentation Design/LayoutSusan Bednar, Catherine Cantieri, Valerie Horne, Robert Chapman
Documentation ArtworkWendi Dunn, Lisa Goodrich
DataJane's Information Group, Sally Velthaus, Allison Vollmer
Special Thanks toRelatives; Families; Partners; Friends; Pets; Plants, The Incan Monkey Gods for the inspiration

Special Thanks

AdviserTerrence Reeves (Major US Army), P. Lain Hancock (Lt.), Rob Purdy (Spidey/CW2), Gregory S. Reyes (Deathwing)
Special Thanks toSally Velthaus, Allison Vollmer, Jane's Information Group, Hal Klopper, McDonnell‑Douglas Corporation, Jason Yenawine, Movie Library Code, Ed Mauer, Object Appearance Code, Adam Foshko, David Downing, Hint for Video Post Processing, Paul Grace, Steve Agan, Backpipe in Amazing Grace, Bill Baldwin (Guest programmer), Andy Sommers (Startdisk program)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Nick Newhard (109), Wizo (29565), formercontrib (159822) and Chris Norden (39)