Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1995 Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The title of the game
This is the main menu. You select an option from it
Episodes in red can't be played. You want to play them, go order the CD-ROM
Order any Epic game today, and you'll receive a free chocolate bar
In fact, tell Epic how much you love Jazz, and not only will you receive a free chocolate bar, you'll get two.
Looks like someone has already caught the Gingerbread Man and taken a big chunk out of him
Welcome to Legoland
Legomen in airplanes trying to kill you
Is that Rageedy Ann?
Even you can shoot the Legoman's head off
Watch out for this guy in the sequel
This is Epic's way of tempting you with new episodes
Select difficulty
Take some bombs
Annihilate enemy!