Jet 2.0 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Version and graphics modes
Modes of flight
Leaving the hanger F16 (EGA)
Flyby of airport gear down F16 (EGA)
Flyby of airport gear retracted F16 (EGA)
Buzzing the airport (EGA)
Going ballistic over airport rear view from F16 (EGA)
Catapult launch from Aircraft Carrier F18 (EGA)
Carrier tower flyby with gear down F18 (EGA)
Buzz over carrier F18 (EGA)
After catapult launch rear view from F18 (EGA)
Ejection from the F16 with parachute opening (EGA)
Low level over suspension bridge (demo EGA)
Scenery over San Francisco (demo EGA)
Scenery over Niagara Falls (demo EGA)
The Pentagon (demo EGA)
The Washington Mount (demo EGA)
Congress flyby (demo EGA)
The Space Shuttle on the pad for launch at the Cape (demo EGA)
London Big Ben (demo EGA)
Eiffel Tower Paris (demo EGA)