JetFighter III: Enhanced Campaign CD Credits

Mission Studios

Simulation Design and ProgramRobert Dinnerman (R.D. Technologies)
Executive ProducerThomas Ptak
DirectorMatthew M. Harmon
Scenery Design and ProgrammingMichael Woodley
Campaign Desiggn and Programming Robert P. Whitney, Roger Ray
Mission Editor ProgrammingDan Kaufman
Production, Sales and MarketingScott Slater
Mission Design, Art and ProgrammingBrian Boudreau
Flight Dynamics ResearchRoger Ray
AdministrationRebecca Piazza
Package and Manual DesignGregory Fedorev (of Conflux Design)
Terrain TexturesPeter Tishma (of Papa Tango)
Quality AssuranceDan Kaufman, Matthew M. Harmon, Robert P. Whitney, Roger Ray, Brian Boudreau, Michael Woodley, Scott Slater, Thomas Ptak, Eric DeMilt


ProducerEric DeMilt
Special ThanksPhil Adam, Carol Lane, Betsi Gijanto


Special ThanksRyan Brant, Mark E. Seremet

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dr Necessiter (195)