Jinyong Qunxia Zhuan Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Here you can choose a random set of stats for your hero
I just remember playing "Jinyong Qunxia Zhuan"... did I fall asleep suddenly?
Your inventory
Character information
You are on the world map
A thought of suicide crosses your mind
In an inn, talking to different people
Buying items
Dialogues have character portraits near the text boxes
Preparing for a fight. Choosing your party members
Battle menu
Attack! Note the gory animation
You can see your movement range
This big red gate is locked. I don't think there's anything more to add
I want that tea pot! I WANT that tea pot! Gimme that tea pot... NOW!!
The hero is crossing a bridge over a small lake
This is a Buddhist temple. There are still many of those in China
The flowers have a magical effect on you. You fall asleep
Surrounded by four guys in black clothes
You gather your courage to speak to a famous teacher of martial arts
Expressive Game Over screen
More often than not, a dialogue with guards leads to a fight
A battle in a snowy area. Character information to the left
Standing in front of a pagoda. Main world map menu
Walking through a desert
A mysterious dungeon
Approaching a little snowy village
You'll meet some grotesque characters
The girl doesn't seem very happy about being saved by us
I never liked ultra-powerful ice spells that deal over 130 HP damage