J.R.R. Tolkien's Riders of Rohan Credits


Game DesignHank Howie, Adam Levesque, Phil Redmond
Manual and Color MaterialHank Howie, Adam Levesque, Phil Redmond
Original Design byBeam Software
Programming byPapyrus Design Group Inc., David Cheung, Richard Garcia, Omar H. Khudari, Simrod Furman, David Kaemmer
Additional ProgrammingPhil Redmond
Project ManagementHank Howie
Executive ProducerPhil Redmond
Game ArtworkTanya Isaacson, Rick Keene, James Sullivan, Adam Levesque
Additional ArtDoug McCartney, Matt Morgan
MusicAlice Lei
SoundAlice Lei
TestersMario Alfano, Steve Bryant, Michael Burke, Judy Dunn, Peter Fong
Copyright 1991Konami, George Allen & Unwin, Entertainment Group Inc.
Cover illustrationChris Achilleos

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