J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, Vol. II: The Two Towers Credits


Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
Computer ProgrammingW. Mark Whittlesey
Original "Lord of the Rings" ProgrammingTroy A. Miles
ProducerScott Bennie
Associate ProducersJacob R. Buchert III, Bruce Schlickbernd
DesignersScott Bennie, Grant S. Boucher, Ed Greenwood, John Terra, Allen Varney
Design AssistanceJacob R. Buchert III, W. Mark Whittlesey
Artists of Middle EarthCheryl Austin (Maps/Portraits/Character Animations), Keith Austin (Maps/Portraits/Character Animations), Scott Bieser (Portraits/Character Animation), Todd J. Camasta (Cartoons/Portraits/Character Animation), Brian Giberson (Portraits), Charles H. H. Weidman III (Maps/Cartoons), David Nelson (Cartoons), Hayato Ochiai (Portraits), Bruce Schlickbernd (Character Animation)
Art Director of Middle-earthTodd J. Camasta
Musicians of Middle‑earthCharles Deenen (Original Score)
Sound EffectsScott La Rocca
Playtesters of Middle-earthVincent DeNardo, Jacob R. Buchert III, Fred Royal
ManualScott Bennie
Manual DesignVincent DeNardo
Cover ArtGreg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt
Cartoon DriverMichael Quarles
Last Minute Assist: Jayesh J. Patel
Special ThanksBig Bad Mama, Bert

Additional Credits (from US Reference Card)

Programming AssistanceMike Burton, Michael Quarles
Additional DesignTaco Nathan
Sound AssistanceScott La Rocca
Lead PlaytestingJeremy Airey
Additional PlaytestingJeremy Airey, Jason M. Ferris, Chris Jones, Michael Packard, Eric DeMilt, Scott Everts
Manual IllustrationsKeith Austin

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