Jumpjet (DOS)

Jumpjet DOS Title screen (hi-res EGA)


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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Business Model Shareware
Minimum CPU Class Required 8088 / 8086
Media Type Download
Video Modes Supported CGA, EGA, Hercules
Sound Devices Supported Adlib
Input Devices Supported Joystick (Analog), Keyboard
Number of Players Supported 1 Player
Notes Extract from the developer's game documentation:
"Running Jumpjet on a 386 33MHz machine will appear to run at the same speed as a 6MHz 286 machine. There are ap- proximately 18 frames per second. You will notice, however, a speed deference on slower machines. An 8088 or 8086 machine run- ning at 4.77 MHz will lag at times, but still usable. I found that a NEC V-20/V-30 (replaces the Intel 8088/8086 and execute about 30% faster) chip in the slower machines helps tremendously. There is almost no lag. Also the 8088/8086 machines running faster than 4.77MHz seem to have no problem. "

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