Kajko i Kokosz Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main Menu
Intro: Teutonic-looking Zbójcerze
Intro: the peaceful village of Mirmiłowo
Intro: the not-so-peaceful fortress of Zbójcerze
Intro: poisoned well
Intro: our heroes starting another adventure
We start in Mirmiłowo village
Inside the wooden building
At the poisoned well, trying to talk to the wench
Castellan's wife, Lubawa won't let you take the mead
At the gate
Poor rusalka
Some items are ridiculously tiny. Can you spot the "black pebble"?
It's a weird one-horned creature, but it seems to be in trouble
This guy sure doesn't look too friendly
Chech Intro
Somebody is there!
Hello, Auntie!
Mirmiłowo from a distance.
The Forest Elder won't let you wake him up easily...
How to get to the other isle?
Picturesque scenery...
Enemy at the gates!
Welcoming committee.
Lady Nature.
Bear in mind... mind the bear!
Dealing with the wasps...
So many mushrooms in this game!
Lush vegetation.
Is someone in here?