Katharsis (DOS)

Katharsis Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu (English)
Main menu (Polish)
The storyline begins, the spaceship starts its journey.
The in-game movies have a cinematic feel.
Protect the bomb in the underwater level
A boss at the end of a level
Some enemies in a space level
Fireworks in space - an enemy has been destroyed.
Explosions all over the screen
This planet looks like Mars.
That's highly unexpected, the enemies look really smart
Stats at the end of the game
Level loading screen
Significant preponderance of enemies
Ancient skeleton
Destruction fireworks
The battle over the canyon
Final level enemy
Greater enemy means more fireworks...
...and a better chance to fail
Highscore table
Mini-boss description
Underwater squadron
See devil
Lightning attack
Underwater background art
Enemy maneuvers to change attacking position
Spaceships squadron
Enemy maneuvers to attack from behind
Maneuvering animation
Collision ahead
Two enemies down
Firing rockets
The safest will fly between them and turn back
Bonus to catch
Second final level enemy
Space fireworks
Game over - bomb destroyed
Game over - Eagle destroyed