Kingdom O' Magic Credits (DOS)

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Kingdom O' Magic Credits


Into the Valley of Test rodeRobert Fournier, Dominic Gill, Ben Gunstone, Dan Little, Edgar Padilla, Marc Titheridge, Justin Wateridge, Paul Zimmer
Project 'D' TeamAnthony Savva, Christopher John Wild
SCi Corporate Identity (logo) byCameron Kerr
Top Hollywood Producer, Live from LARob Henderson
Special Agent In Charge Of Covert ProgrammingJohn Chasey
Top Boss, Head Honcho, Numero Uno, Big Cheese, Owner of the whole darn company including all fixtures and fittingsJane Cavanagh
Game DesignFergus McNeill, Mathew Sansam
Project ManagementFergus McNeill, Mathew Sansam
Starring the talented, yet approachableLani Minella, Mike Rogers, John Sessions
Featuring the Many Voices ofMaria Darling, Robert Firth, John Moore, Ken Spencer, Keith Wickham
Written entirely on restaurant napkins byFergus McNeill, Richard Robinson, Alan Silberberg
Top Artist BlokeRobert Plested
Top Programming BlokeDavid C. Bowler
Righteous Graphics byGlenn Broadway, Jonathan Hall, Anthony Hicks, Paul Marchant, Jonathan Mummery, Neal Sutton
Powerful Yet Sensitive Programming byLiaket Ali, Anthony Savva, Nathan Summers
Character creation byGlenn Broadway, Robert Plested
Sound Design byRuss Dunham
Top Audio Assistant BlokePaul Zimmer
Ace Engineering at Dubmaster bySimon Wood
Voice‑overs Directed byFergus McNeill, Richard Robinson
Game Database Management leading to InsanityBen Gunstone
Network Repair Man / Network Despair ManWarren Humphreys
King Of TestChris Lipscombe
With special thanks toRodney Payne, Robert Sherr
With thanks toHarvey Bancroft, Tony Bennett, Steven Bishop, Katie Blundell, Colin Brown, Bob Burridge, Stuart Burrows, Ruth Cassidy, David Crump, Simon Dallas, Peter Eley, Bill Ennis, Desmond Fernando, Niall Fraser, Steven Haggerty, Mark Hancox, Paul Holmes, Rose Huang, Simon Hulbert, Kate Johns, Sarah Lloyd, Virgil Manning, Adam Mayes, Jessica Neighbor, Anna Perkins, Paul Perrott, James Sharman, Pieter Warmington, David Wilson

Deutsche Version

ProjektleiterMarkus Ludolf
Technische AssistenzBernd Kurtz
Übersetzung IngameMarkus Ludolf, Christiane Matz, Claudia Parma
KoordinationAntje Sprekeler
AufnahmeleitungNils Bote
QualitätssicherungChristian Schneider
LektoratAnnette Khartabil
ProduktlogistikDavid Weiler

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