Written by  :  Jeff Sinasac (409)
Written on  :  May 27, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars
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A VERY original idea.

The Good

At the time this game was released, it was, to my knowledge, the only one of its kind. No other games let you amass armies of ogres and demons to stomp on other armies of ogres and demons. Most other games still had these creatures solely as enemies.

The various bad guys you had to destroy all had unique features as I recall - like what types of monsters they dealt with, etc. It gave them something of a "personality" which made it more fun to storm their castles.

The Bad

The battlefields were small, and aside from an occasional fallen log or bog, there wasn't much to impede the progress of troops. The tactical nature of the battles was, therefore, pretty much moot. (This is actually a problem that I think has proceeded into all the Heroes of Might and Magic games, though to lessening degrees with each release).

That's really my only complaint.

The Bottom Line

A fun game on it's own, but also very important to note as the precursor to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. A lot of the elements that appear in later games are also right here. If you're a fan of those games, you owe it yourself to at least take a look.