Written by  :  OlSkool_Gamer (102)
Written on  :  Jan 04, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Excellent classic adventure game from Sierra - My all time favorite classic PC game

The Good

First of all, the game weighed in about a whopping 3 megs and at the time it was one of the largest games ever produced (aside from games that are non-games like Dragon's Lair). With those 3 megs included some of the best sound and graphics ever developed at the time. Both of which helped bring to life this almost Alice In Wonderland meets Snow White kind of adventure game. The game is full of beautifully drawn backgrounds and interesting characters ranging from ordinary people to mythological creatures. The plot basically leaves you open to explore in a very non-linear path. There is a game clock within the game but only advances after certain events are triggered. I just loved the atmosphere Roberta Williams created... I remember my heart racing and was on the edge of my seat while peeping through the key lock in the ogre's house... This is my all-time favorite game ever created and no game stuck with me as strongly as this one.

The Bad

One thing I didn't like is some of the puzzles were too difficult to solve and some objects to difficult to find or know what to do with. It took me so long to know to drop the gold ball to lure the frog over. Other than that, the game is flawless in my opinion.

The Bottom Line

Was an instant classic and should be locked in a time capsule :) Its a wonderfully entertaining fantasy adventure game that set standards in adventure gaming for the years and years that followed. A must play!