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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Walkthrough by *Katakis* ([email protected])

In King's Quest V, Prince Alexander had a crush on Princess Cassima and vowed to visit her in the Land of the Green Isles. Two years later, he sees a vision of Cassima in the magic mirror, and in that vision, Cassima tells Alexander that she wishes he was there, as if she sees him looking at her in the mirror. He sets sail to the Land of the Green Isles, but while en route, a violent storm sees him shipwrecked on an unknown beach.

Parts of his ship are scattered around the beach, including the plank to Alexander's right. Move the plank and a small box will be revealed. Open the box and get the gold coin. There is something glinting to Alexander's left. Take it to find out that it is his royal insignia ring. Go north to arrive at the crossroads. There is a large tree in the center. There are two paths. One leads to the village, and the other leads to the castle. Take the path that leads to the castle.

There is an alcove on the right, and another path jutting off to the left. There are two dogs guarding the entrance. Talk to them. So, Alexander is on the Isle of the Crown, part of the Land of the Green Isles; and that Cassima is in the very same castle. Keep talking to them until they repeat themselves. They tell Alexander that the princess is not receiving strangers. Alexander tells them his name, but the guards are not buying it. We need proof. Show them the ring and Alexander will get an audience from Vizier Abdul Alhazred (via Captain Saladin). Inside, besides other business, Alexander learns that Cassima and Alhazred are to be married. Alhazred's genie oversees the entire meeting (notice the gold glint in his eyes). Alexander is escorted back outside the castle, never to be invited back there again.

Go south toward the village. Look around. There are a couple of shops here, including a pawn shop and a bookshop. Above the bookshop are private dwellings that have no use in the game. There is a beggar on the street selling lamps. Talk to him and find out that if Alexander wants a lamp, he will have to trade an old lamp first. Go into the bookstore. This looks to be a cozy little bookshop that comes complete with a burning fireplace that has a reading chair in front of it. The man in the black robe is keeping on eye on Alexander as long as he is in the bookstore. He looks suspiciously familiar, as he occasionally casts a glinting eye on him. Talk to the bookshop owner regarding the Land of the Green Isles. Alexander learns that there are three more islands, but a fourth one is mentioned; and that the islands are feuding with each other. We cannot travel to the fourth island just yet. For more information, he should speak to the ferryman at the docks.

Examine the book on the counter to find out that it contains magic spells. Try to pick it up and the bookshop owner will tell Alexander he is willing to sell it to him if Alexander can find another book in exchange for it. Walk over to the last bookshelf on the right, the one filled with books of poetry, and examine the books. Click the hand icon on the books and Alexander will read some poetry. Now, pick up the page that falls on the floor and sit down in the chair in the center of the bookshop. Alexander will read a book next to him for about two seconds, then stands up. Leave the bookstore. (Take the book on the stand on the way out.)

Go through the doorway to the north to arrive at a large house with a hedge of red roses occupying the gate. A servant girl leaves the house to tend the roses, but her stepmother tells her to get back inside to do some more chores. Poor thing. Alexander will eventually have to associate with this girl later in the game. For now, head west to arrive at the docks.

Head west to arrive at the docks. The ferry is docked near the end of the pier with a hole in its hull, and a boy is seen jumping into the water. He invites Alexander to join him and offers to show him the way to the next island.


Do not cave in to the boy. He is, in fact, the genie luring Alexander to his death. Other places where the genie shows up in another form include:

  • The old man in the black robe in both the bookshop and the pawnshop.
  • The snake whenever Alexander gives a gift to Cassima via Sing-Sing, her pet nightingale.
  • The gardener outside the beast's garden on the Isle of the Beast.
  • The old woman when Alexander has climbed the Cliffs of Logic.
  • As Lady Celeste in the Isle of the Sacred Mountain's catacombs.
  • The crow that appears after Alexander has rescued Lady Celeste.
  • The ferret that appears after Beauty and Beast has united.
  • In the throne room disguised as Cassima.

Ignore him and wait until he's gone, then knock on the door. Talk to the ferryman once he answers to be invited in. Alexander and the ferryman sit down to discuss business. Keep talking to the ferryman to learn about himself, the King and Queen, Princess Cassima, and the islands. Alexander also learns that as the ferryman has retired, the only way to travel between the islands is with a magic map. Once you are done talking to him, take the rabbit's foot on the table. You will need this shortly. Leave the ferryman and return to the village.

Enter the bookstore again. A strange man is sitting in the chair in the middle. Talk to him but he rejects a conversation with Alexander, but he mentions the princess. Show him the insignia ring to convince the man that you are not a stranger. His name is Jollo, a court entertainer for Alhazred. He is worried about Cassima, and he does not trust the vizier's plans when it comes to the wedding. Once he leaves to return to the castle. Leave yourself and go next to the pawn shop.

Look around. The shelves are full of curiosities. Feel free to look at the ones on the back wall; they are references to other King's Quest games. The place almost looks deserted, except for that old man in the black robe that we just saw in the bookshop who glints at you, just like he did in the bookstore. Talk to the pawn shop owner to inquire about the magic map. After telling Alexander about its origins, he says that in order to part with it, he would need something of great value.Give him the copper coin and you will be able to trade it for one of the items on the counter. They are the magic map, flute, paintbrush, tinderbox, and mechanical mechanical nightingale.

Except for the map, you can get the other items. You can click the eye icon on any one and the owner will give you a detailed description of it. Choose the mechanical nightingale for now. Like any pawn shop, you can exchange it for something else later. Great. Give the pawn shop owner your ring and he will agree to give you the map. He suggests that you use it on the beach. After the old man walks up to the counter, steals a mint, then leaves the shop. The old man is actually Shamir Shamazel, the genie, who goes back to the castle to tell Alhazred that we just obtained a magic map, and we learn that the genie is drunk on peppermint. After the cut-scene, get a mint from the counter and leave the shop.

Go back to the crossroads. A bird chirps in the tree, on the top branch. This is Sing-Sing, Cassima's pet mechanical nightingale Jollo told us about. It is afraid of Alexander, so use the mechanical mechanical nightingale on the bird to lure it down to the branch below. It becomes interested in Alexander, and we have made another friend. We can send things to Cassima, but we must prove to her that it came from us; and we can do that with the ring. Unfortunately, we traded it for the map, so we need to trade in something else to get it back.

Return to the village to see the pawn shop owner dump items into a large pot near the entrance, items he got from the wizard that gave him the map. Search it to find a bottle of ink. Try using it on Alexander to learn that it is invisible ink. Now, go back to the beach and use the magic map on yourself. You are presented with a choice of traveling between the other islands. Start by going to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

Alexander arrives at what seems to be a dead end. There are some items on the ground: a black feather and a flower. Pick both of these up. There are some indentations on one of the rocks, but we'll deal with them later. Use the map to teleport to the Isle of Wonder, the strangest place Alexander has visited. All of the inhabitants are strange, including the oyster beds to his left. There are some words swimming in the water. As soon as these words are within reaching distance, pick them up. Now, look at the oyster who is awake. It will yawn, revealing an object inside of it. Talk to the oyster and it tells Alexander that he can't sleep because something is bothering it. Since it is sleepy, then perhaps we could read it the boring book. Alexander will read several passages from the book; and in between them the oyster will yawn, revealing a pearl inside its mouth. Quickly take this time to snatch the pearl before the oyster closes its mouth.

Try to go east or north, and the guardians of the Isle will appear and stop you. The genie must have warned them of an intruder. Each guardian carries a different sense. For the guardian with the large nose, present him with the flower from the Isle of the Sacred Mountain. For the guardian with the big ears, play him some music courtesy of the mechanical nightingale. Watch him dance to the music. Give the mint to the guardian with the huge tongue, and then let the guardian with the gigantic hands feel the rabbit's foot. Finally, fool the guardian with the huge eyes by using the ink on Alexander. All five guardians go back to where they came from and leave you alone.


If you forget all the required items, you can teleport to another island to get them right in front of the guardians. Be aware that this does not stop them bothering you again.

Walk east to arrive at Exclamation Point, where there are piles of books everywhere and bees hovering around them, and a spider's web to the south, complete with a black spider in the middle. Since we need a rare book, maybe we can find one among these piles. Touch the nearest pile and a bookworm will appear and tell you that he won't part with any of the books unless Alexander gives it one of the item he asks for. Look at the spider's web. The spider is a black widow who talks to Alexander and asks him to accept her come-ons. Ignore the spider and touch the loose thread at the bottom. Now, while she is being distracted, snatch the piece of paper. Alexander will automatically look at it and notice a torn-out page with the word 'Love' written on it. You only have a few seconds before the wind blows it away.

Go north to the swamp. Look around. The swamp is thick with a stick standing up on the rock, and the log to Alexander's left looks unusual. There is also a large dogwood tree, with a face of a dog carved into it. Get one of the milkweed bottles beside the dogwood tree, and go west to arrive at a garden. This garden is full of puns, just like everything else on this island. First, take the rotten tomato off the ground. If you go into inventory and click the talk icon on the tomato, he will say mean things. Look at the hole in the garden wall next to the wallflowers and Alexander will look through to a land that resembles a chessboard.

Open the huge door at the end of the path and Alexander will arrive at the same place. A white and red knight block the entrance to Chessboard Land. Talk to them, and after the conversation, a red and white queen will appear. They will argue about which one of them gives the lump of coal to Cassima as a wedding gift. After unsuccessfully getting an answer from Alexander, they will leave. The red queen will leave behind a scarf, which you should get.

Go back to the beach and teleport back to the Isle of the Crown. Return to the village. Something is different this time. The peddler is out to lunch and there is a flyer stuck on the archway. Examine the flyer. It is an announcement of the wedding between Alhazred and Cassima, and the wedding is not open to the public. If Alexander doesn't do something, then Cassima will be Mrs. Abdul. enter the bookstore. Jollo is back, and Alexander will automatically speak to him about this dreaded event. After he leaves, exit yourself.

Go into the pawn shop. That old man is already inside, bugging the owner about the mints. Disappointed that there are no mints in the jar, he leaves the shop. Give the owner the pearl to get your ring back, and trade the mechanical nightingale for the flute. Leave then return to the crossroads. Here, give Sing-Sing your ring. The nightingale will take it from Alexander's hand and deliver it to Cassima where she is convinced that she is from Alexander. Sing-Sing will return with a ribbon. Pick it up from the ground. In inventory, click the hand icon on the ribbon to remove a strand of Cassima's hair that was stuck in it. Next, give Sing-Sing the “words of love”, and the nightingale will once again deliver your gift to Cassima, who sends you a letter in return. Pick up the letter and Alexander will automatically read it.


If you try to send her the poem before the ring, Cassima will assume that it was from Alhazred. Fortunately, despite her warning to Sing-Sing to stay away, the nightingale returns to its branch.

Go back to the beach and teleport to the Isle of the Beast. This Isle may be surrounded with forest, but wait until you get deeper into it. There is a creature hanging on the tree, the Dangling Participle, one of the items the Bookworm requested, and if you notice, this is the same theme from Exclamation Point. Talk to the creature. It looks like the writer has watched too much Star Wars. Keep talking to it. The Dangling Participle doesn't trust us. Give it the incomplete sentence to gain its trust. Now we can get it so that we can return it to his owner.

Go north. There is a hunter's lamp hanging on one of the trees in the distance, but we can't get to it because it is blocked by a large pond, which has boiling water in it. Go back to the shore and teleport to the Isle of Wonder again. Now, go east and talk to the left pile of books to lure Bookworm out. Give him the Dangling Participle and he gives you the rare book. Return to the garden. The Hole-In-The-Wall move back behind the wallflowers as soon as Alexander enters. Use the flute on the wallflowers and it returns to its original position while the wallflowers dance. When you are given the opportunity to do so, take the Hole-In-The-Wall. Take a iceberg lettuce next to the tomato vines, then go back to the beach. Use the map and teleport to the Isle of the Beast again.

Go back to the boiling pond and throw the iceberg lettuce in to cool it down. Alexander may now cross and take the hunter's lamp on the other side. Go north and look around. Just ahead of Alexander is a gate with two stone statues on either side. A gazebo surrounded by rose bushes is seen in the distance. And inside the gate is a gardener who tells Alexander to come over to him. It is just the genie luring Alexander to his death. To prove this, walk around and the gate statue on the right will point his bow at him wherever he goes. If you ignore him, he will eventually disappear. Take the brick lying on the ground and return to the shore.

Go to the Isle of the Crown and return to the castle where you may see four serving women entering through the front door. If you go around the side and place the Hole-in-the-Wall on the wall then click the eye icon on it, you will see one of the hallways you have to negotiate through later. Return to the bookshop and give the owner the rare book to be given the spell book in return. In inventory, click the hand icon on the spell book to see what spells we can cast. The first spell you come across is the “Magic Paint Spell”. Turn the pages and you will be able to read “Make Rain Spell” and “Charming a Creature of the Night Spell”. Notice the talk icon has the word 'Cast' over it when you hover over the incantation pages. Close the spell book and leave the bookstore. Now, go into the pawn shop and trade the flute for the tinder box. Return to the back and teleport to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain.

We are going to deal with the cliffs. They are called the Cliffs of Logic, which are a bunch of riddles that no one has ever solved. These riddles form the basis of the game's copy protection, meaning that their solutions are found in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles which comes with the manual. Look at the first riddle. Someone has etched 'Ignorance Kills Wisdom Elevates' on the rock. Where the guidebook mentions the first challenge, notice one of the words are capitalized. That is the solution to the first one. As soon as you entered the last letter, some stone steps appear and lead up to the next screen. When Alexander reaches the second-last step, he will automatically go up the last step and onto the next screen.


Be careful climbing up the steps. It is quite okay to miss a step on the first screen, but from the second screen onwards, missing a step will result in death.

Continue climbing up the steps to the next one. Here, there is a phrase that the Ancient Ones used to say, and that phrase is displayed on the screen. There is a missing word, and it is up to you to fill it in. The symbols below that phrase is the alphabet of the Ancient Ones. If you read the chapter regarding the Ancient Ones, you will find what the word is, and you need to enter it using their alphabet. Climb the steps that follow to the third puzzle, the “Stones of Stealth”. For this, read the paragraph regarding the third challenge, and in order, press the fourth stone, the first stone, and the second stone. Go up the steps to the next puzzle.

This puzzle is similar to the second one, because of the symbols. But the symbols also represents elements. The Sacred Four is mentioned in the chapter about the Ancient Ones. The Sacred Four consists of tranquility, azure, caterpillar, and air. Look in the manuals for the symbols relating to these elements, and enter them on the screen. Climb up the steps to the final puzzle, which basically is another word-based puzzle, similar to the first one. It reads “All Silent Cry the Noble Boulders”. Read the paragraph regarding the fifth challenge, and enter the capitalized words. When you're done, climb the steps.

You have reached the top of the cliffs. Look round. There is a mountain in the distance, and a set of huge doors etched in the mountain. You are greeted by an old woman who wants Alexander to try out some berries from the nightshade bush beside the cave in return for the “power of flight”. Actually, Alexander will die if he eats them. Ignore the old woman and she will eventually go away. When she does, enter the small cave.

The cave is too dark to see anything, so use the tinder box on Alexander, who will light it with the flint that came with it. Now, walk right in the cave until you see another opening in the cave. Have Alexander walk through it to reach another section where there is light illuminating from a window to the north. Take some peppermint from the peppermint bush growing on the ledge and leave the cave the way you came in, and use the tinder box if you need to. Go north toward the mountain.


You need to make sure that you have the following items in your inventory before going north: brick, Hole-in-the-Wall, tinder box, red scarf.

Alexander receives an unwelcoming hello from the Winged Ones where Alexander is told that no strangers have been welcomed to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain since its golden fleece was stolen. And since they do not trust Alexander, he is taken to see Lord Azure and Lady Ariel. Since we have managed to climb the cliffs, we must now defeat the minotaur who has invaded our catacombs and is preparing their daughter, Lady Celeste, to be sacrificed. You are escorted out of their “nest” and into the catacombs where the Winged Ones will block the exit.


To get through the catacombs, you have to refer to the map in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles. Failure to follow the map properly means that Alexander is likely to arrive in the booby-trapped room. Also, the map doesn't point out items that you need to get, such as the skull, gold coins, and shield. An alternative is to make the map yourself, or obtain a copy of The King's Quest Companion by Peter Spear, which has a more detailed map of the catacombs.

Walk around the maze until you reach a room that has tiles on the floor. There is a door on the other side which you need to go through, and each tile has one of five pictures on it. These pictures include rose, scythe, doves, crown, and skull. To reach the doorway, you need to search the Guidebook for a poem that starts off with “Three roses”, and step on the correct tiles according to that poem. Stepping on the wrong tile means that Alexander will be impaled by spikes shooting out of the walls. Once you have reached the doorway, go west. Go north (x3) and east, picking up the shield along the way. Alexander will enter a room where the cogs on the wall are activated, causing the ceiling to come down, but you need to deal with this to proceed further into the catacombs. Throw the brick at the cogs to disable the mechanism.

Go through the doorway and proceed east (x2), north, east. Alexander will enter a room where the floor caves in, but he is supposed to fall through it to reach a room that is totally dark. Alexander has to light his tinder box quickly before the Minotaur appears and kills him (hence, the sound of hooves as Alexander walks through the catacombs). Go west (x5), south (x2), and east. Immediately, you hear the sound of hooves once again, this time so loud that is coming from the other side of the east wall. Use the Hole-in-The-Wall on it and look through it. You see the Minotaur pushing a secret button on the tapestry and entering a secret room behind it. Go to the very same room and repeat what the Minotaur did.


If Alexander does not use the Hole-in-the-Wall to spy on the Minotaur, he won't be able to push the secret button.

Look around the minotaur's lair. Lady Celeste is on the ritual bench, while the Minotaur is preparing her sacrifice. A burning hot fire adorns the north wall. Walk more into the room to alert the bound Winged one and the Minotaur to your presence. The Minotaur advances toward Alexander, who backs up against the wall next to the fire. Use the red scarf on the Minotaur and he will charge at Alexander, only to fall in the fire. Alexander will then release Lady Celeste by cutting the ropes with the dagger found on her belt, which he is free to keep. The two of them leave, and Alexander is taken to see Lord Azure once again. He thanks you, and grants you a visit to the Oracle.

There, Alexander learns what lies ahead, and that there are two paths leading to the same place where his beloved is held, and what he does from now on determines which path he must take. The Oracle talks about the Druids who may help or destroy Alexander, as well as some restless spirits who can aid Alexander in his quest. He is given a vial of sacred water before being deposited back on the beach.

Use the magic map to return to the Isle of the Crown. Also, notice that the Isle of the Mists now appears on the map. From the beach, return to the village and enter the bookshop. Jollo is here, and he doesn't want to talk about the wedding. Instead, he warns Alexander that extra guards were posted around the castle to make sure that he stays out of the way. From the rest of the conversation, we also need to do two more things: Find a way to convince Alhazred that Alexander is out of the picture, and obtain an exact replica of the genie's lamp so that we can swap it with the real thing and become master of the genie ourselves.

Leave the bookshop and go through the archway to overhear another conversation between Beauty and her stepmother. Go northwest and walk toward the end of the pier. Now, get out your magic map and travel to the Isle of the Mists. Look around the place, then go west to the druid village. Take a lump of coal from the fire pit, and the scythe hanging from the hut on the left. The path to the north is blocked by impenetrable forest. Go south to the beach, then teleport to the Isle of Wonder.


If you try to go north or east from the beach without preparing the “Make Rain” spell or obtaining Beauty's servant clothes, you will be killed by the Druids.

Return to the magic garden. Some things have changed since we last visited. A potion labeled “Drink Me” is on the table, while a teacup sits on a chair next to the wallflowers. Take both of these, and try out the potion if you like. Proceed through the gates into Chessboard Land. The red and white queen will arrive, still fighting over the lump of coal. Fortunately, you can give yours to the white queen. You are given the spoiled egg in return for your generosity, and the two queens depart. Before going out into the distance, the red queen demands that the white queen give her her lump of coal because the white queen's looks better. I guess they are destined to always be feuding over something.

Return to the beach and travel to the Isle of the Beast. Go back to where you are outside the gate, and use the shield on bow statue. Alexander passes through the gate, and uses the shield to block the arrow. Take a white rose from the hedges, then try to walk through the gazebo. A bush suddenly appears and blocks the way. Use the scythe on the bush and Alexander will chop it down and then makes his way through.

Welcome to the garden. There is a fountain in its center, a gate leading to a huge hedge maze. The maze leads up to a castle we are unable to explore. A beast emerges from the maze and meets Alexander. He tells Alexander why he was turned into a beast, that he is the second person to overcome the traps; the first being the Druids who stole his coat of arms, and Alexander has to find him a maiden to join the beast otherwise he will turn into a beast himself. Alexander only has a few minutes to do so. We best hurry up about it.

Travel back to the Isle of the Crown, return to the village, and go through the archway. Beauty is here again, this time so close to the path that Alexander can talk to her. Like in real life, the girl will be too shy to talk to strangers. We need to convince her to trust us. The hedge consists of nothing but red roses. Maybe she would like a white rose for once? Keep talking to her until she repeats herself. Give her the Beast's ring and Alexander will tell her about the Isle of the Beast and about Beast. She seems interested in him. Dragon Lady makes one more appearance as well.

The two of you teleport to Beast's garden where Beast is transformed back into his true self while Beauty turns into a queen. And with that, they both head toward Beast's castle, but not before Alexander is given a mirror and Beauty's servant clothes. Leave the garden and get another white rose from the hedges. Return to the beach and travel to the Isle of the Crown.

There, go north to the crossroads and give Sing-Sing the white rose. The nightingale delivers the rose to Cassima, who instructs her not to return to Alexander. Go to the village. The peddler is back. Enter the pawn shop where the genie is still lurking. Use the “Drink Me” potion on Alexander and the genie watches as Alexander pretends to drop dead and tells Alhazred of his demise. In the cut-scene, pay attention to what the genie's lamp looks like, otherwise you won't be able to complete the game.


Since we convinced Alhazred that Alexander is out of the picture, we need to decide what we need to do. As the Oracle said, there are at two paths we can take to rescue the one we love, and your actions here on out will determine which path you will take. For example, if Alexander chooses to travel to the Isle of the Mists, he will be forced to travel to the underworld to search for the restless spirits, and find some way to bring them back to the Land of the Living. If you want to take the short path, you have accumulated the maximum amount of points prior to returning to the Isle of the Crown for the final time. Also, you don't get maximum points at the end for taking the short path.

For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will focus on the short path, followed by the long path.

Trade the tinderbox for the mechanical nightingale and leave the pawn shop. It's time to infiltrate the castle. Go back to the crossroads and head north. Another group of serving girls enter the castle through the front door. Perhaps Alexander should disguise himself as one of the girls by wearing Beauty's clothes.

Alexander goes into the hut to get changed and successfully enters the castle while fooling the guard dogs. In the entrance hall, there are stairs leading up on either side, three doors ahead of Alexander that leads to the kitchen, throne room, and downstairs hallway, respectively. The chef emerges from the kitchen and tells Alexander to get a move on. Alexander will dump Beauty's clothes in one of the vases in the foyer. He can't leave the castle from now on.


While exploring the castle, watch out for any guard dogs who are seen patrolling the upstairs hallway. If Alexander is caught by them, he will be thrown in the dungeon with no hope of escape, and the game will end.

Walk up the staircase on the right. The guards are patrolling this area in such a way that one of them is always facing Alexander, making this a no-go zone. Go back and take the staircase on the left. In this area, both guards are facing the same direction, making our job a little bit easier. Listen as they say they are sick of hearing the Princess cry, and that the vizier convinced them that she is not in her right mind. They are also looking for Cassima's nightingale. When their backs are turned, use the nightingale to wind it up and place it on the floor. Now, go into the alcove on the right and hide behind the pillar.

The guard dogs will investigate the noise, and discover that it is a nightingale and wonder it is actually the Princess's nightingale. After questioning its legitimacy, they take it down to Captain Saladin. You have a couple of minutes before they come back. Examine the picture hanging on the wall. It is a picture of the former king and queen, Cassima's parents. Use the hand icon on the picture to take it down, then get the nail underneath. Walk out into the hallway again and look at the door opposite. There is a keyhole in the door. Look through it to peer into the vizier's bedroom. Open the door and enter.

Look around the “masculine bedroom” and use the nail to unlock the trunk at the foot of the bed. Inside the trunk, there are letters, books, and a glass bottle. Take the most-recent letter and read it. Not only does the letter mention Mordack (The antagonist from King's Quest V), but it also explains that the vizier is responsible for the islands feuding and the death of the king and queen. Leave the room and go back into the alcove. There, put the nail back on the wall and replace the picture.

Leave the alcove and go north. The sound of crying can be heard behind the heavily-padlocked door to the north (although we can't hear it ourselves.) Use the talk icon on it and Alexander will talk to it. He will discover that the person on the other side is Cassima, who warns him to be careful, and that he should leave since he risks being caught. She will deal with the vizier herself if only she can defend herself. Cassima deserves to know how dangerous the vizier is, so slip the incriminating letter under the door. She reads it, then hands it back to Alexander in the hope that he will show it to someone else that can help him. Finally, slip Lady Celeste's dagger under the door to give her a weapon of defense. You're done here. Go back west.

The guard dogs are coming back. Quickly go back into the alcove and hide behind the pillar. The guard dogs will appear. After they talk about the nightingale being fake, the genie appears and warns them that the wedding is about to begin. Shortly after, Cassima is dragged out of her room by the genie and escorted somewhere else. While the guard dogs are at the end of the hallway looking in the other direction, go back out into the hallway and go south to the entrance hall.

Wedding music plays, and there is no one in sight. Go toward the double doors and Captain Saladin will emerge out of it and point a sword at Alexander's throat. Alexander only has five seconds to explain his presence. Show him the incriminating letter to convince him that the vizier is evil. Alexander and Saladin enter the throne room. There, the wedding has already started. Talk to Cassima or Alhared and Alexander will go up toward them.

After mincing words with the vizier, Saladin asks Cassima what he should do. There, Alexander learns that Cassima is not what she seems, and she orders Saladin to deal with Alexander. While Saladin draws his sword in slow motion, use the mirror on Shamir and his true identity will be revealed. The vizier will eventually leave through the door beside the throne, and Shamir starts throwing fireballs at the guard dogs. Follow the vizier out the door before you are killed. Continue following him up the two flights of stairs.

The vizier meets Alexander at the top for the final showdown, and there is the real Cassima all tied up in the corner of the room. After Cassima warns Alexander that the vizier has a sword, Shamir Shamazel enters and is ordered to kill Alexander. Before you are dazzled, use the peppermint on him. The genie launches a dazzle ball, which goes wild and hits him dead center. Alhazred draws his sword at Alexander. Before you are killed, get the sword on the wall behind you and use it on Alhazred. While they are engaging in battle, Cassima manages to break free and stabs the vizier with the dagger, then Alexander finishes him off.

After Alexander and Cassima have finished sharing a passionate kiss, the guard dogs arrive and throw Alhazred into the dungeon. The wedding is held one week later. Attending are Jollo, Captain Saladin, and the guards. Saladin agrees to perform the wedding ceremony, and the two lovebirds exchange vows and, as since they will rule together as King and Queen of the Land of the Green Isles, their first priority is to restore the kingdom back to its original state. Jollo provides some entertainment after the ceremony.

Congratulations! You have completed King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Leave the pawn shop and return to the beach. Travel to the Isle of Wonder and head to the garden. There, feed the milk bottle to one of the baby lettuces. The other babies will be jealous and start crying. While they are doing so, use the old hunter's lamp on the tears to collect salt water. In inventory, use the vial of sacred water on the hunter's lamp to pour the contents in with the baby tears.

Go south to the swamp and try to use the teacup on the swamp ooze on the bank. Stick-In-The-Mud suddenly comes to life and tells Alexander what he collected was swamp slime, and we learn that he and Bump-On-A-Log are fighting. Talk to Stick-in-the-Mud to ask him to give the swamp ooze to Alexander, and he refuses to do so. Talk to Bump-On-A-Log to learn more about this feud. If only he had some sort of defense against Stick-In-The-Mud (from now on, let's call them Bumpy and Sticky), who keeps throwing swamp ooze at him. That gives us an idea. Give Rotten Tomato to Bumpy, who throws it at Sticky, who throws ooze back at him, allowing Alexander to use the teacup on the ooze to collect it. The two feuding brothers kiss and make up, then go to sleep.

Travel to the Isle of the Beast and return to the garden. Use the hunter's lamp on the fountain. You now have all the required items for the “Make Rain” spell. In inventory, open the spell book and turn to the page that has the spell on it, then cast the spell. Travel to the Isle of the Mists again and Alexander is captured by two Druids, who assumes, like the leaders of the other Isles, that Alexander is the intruder. The Druids take him to the ceremonial grounds where he is placed in the sacrificial cage and placed over a bonfire. Just before Alexander gets burnt to a crisp,the “Make Rain” spell is triggered and the resulting rain puts out the flame.

Arch Druid says that Alexander is a “powerful nature wizard” and orders his men to release him. After a bit of conversation where we learn that their miniature oak tree was stolen by the Winged Ones, Alexander tells Arch Druid that he needs to release the two restless souls from the Realm of the Dead. Arch Druid tells him that in order to do so, he must challenge the Lord of the Death, but the knowledge on how to do this was lost centuries ago. Nightmare, Lord of the Dead's horse, can help Alexander reach the realm. When the Druids leave you be, use the skull to scoop up the hot embers left by the bonfire.


Like the iceberg lettuce, you only have a few minutes before the embers cool down. One way to check to see if there are any hot embers in the skull is to see if the skull is black in color.

In inventory, place both the spoiled egg and Cassima's strand of hair into the skull. Now, travel to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain and climb up the logic cliffs. Arch Druid also told us that Nightmare can be seen feeding from bushes, so there she is, feeding. We need to ride her to the Realm of the Dead, but if we just walk up to her, she'll get startled and fly away. It's time to cast the “Charming a Creature of the Night” spell. Turn to the appropriate page in the spellbook and cast the spell. The resulting smoke will come out of the skull, approach Nightmare, and turn into a hand to stroke her. In her hypnotized state, she comes over to Alexander so that he can ride her to the Realm of the Dead. Enjoy the first-person view as Nightmare takes you there.

When you get on the surface, you cannot use the magic map and change your mind. Watch out for the ghouls wandering about. One touch by these ghouls and Alexander dies. You can tell the ghouls by their green skin and the object in which it killed it with. There are two restless spirits chained together, wandering about. These are the king and queen that Alexander needs to rescue from the Realm. Talk to them. You are introduced to Queen Allaria, who is wandering around with her husband, King Caliphim. They give Alexander some interesting information about the vizier and hand him a ticket to the underworld that allows him to challenge the Lord of the Dead.

Go east. In this part of the Realm, a female ghost is hovering about, the dark sky above is illuminated by a full moon, and in the distance lies the gateway to the underworld. Wait for a bit and the ghost cries out for her son, Ali. Talk to her and she says that her little boy is in the Land of the Living, probably looking for her. She gives Alexander a handkerchief in which Ali may use to find her. Continue to the underworld entrance.

This place looks familiar if you previously died in the game. Look around. The entrance is in the shape of a skull. One of the spirits appear, who is given a ticket by the Ticket Master. It then gives the ticket to the person ahead of her, and the entrance opens for it. Talk to the Ticket Master. Alexander asks for a ticket, but the Ticket Master refuses to give him one as Alexander is not dead. Fortunately, we have Queen Allaria's. Before we use it, however, we need to get that key hanging from the Ticket Master's keyring, and the only way to get it is to distract him. Click the Hand icon on the bone organ on the right and Alexander will play his rendition of “Dem Bones”. One by one, everybody joins in and dances. When the three skeletons appear from stage left and dance, the key is knocked from the keyring. Eventually, everyone stops dancing except Mr. Keyring. After the dance, pick up the key from the floor and give the ticket to the goon near the entrance. Alexander proceeds through to the underground.

The path forward is surrounded by the River Styx and lit by torches. Arch Druid told Alexander that a knight ventured into the Realm to rescue his lover, but failed in his quest. He died right here. Look at his body and take the gauntlet, which may become useful for challenging the Lord of the Dead. Continue along the path to reach the boat full of spirits who request passage to the other side of the River. The boat is guarded by Charon. Use the teacup on the River Styx to collect it, then give Charon the coins from the catacombs. Alexander is taken across the River Styx into the next area.

The path leads up to a huge gate. Click the hand icon on it to have Alexander walk up to it (but not too close). The gate comes alive and speaks to him. He says that if Alexander wants to meet death, just step more in toward him. Speak to him again. Alexander requests to see the Lord of the Dead with his flesh still intact. Gate agrees to let Alexander go see him, but only if he solves a riddle. If he answers wrong, then Alexander will be eaten. Now, the answer to this riddle was found on the piece of paper we yanked from the black widow's web on the Isle of Wonder (if you forgot about it, it's “love”). With the riddle solved, Gate opens and Alexander walks through.

This is the throne room of the Lord of the Dead. Alexander is greeted by his two black servants on either side of the path, and Death himself sits on his chair in the distance. Talk to one of the servants and Alexander is escorted up to him. The first thing Death does is questioned why you are here in your normal form and then he tells Alexander to kiss Death's hand and he will join the spirits you see in the sea of souls. Ignore his request, and use the gauntlet on Death to challenge him. Alexander will make his request, that both the king and queen, and himself, escape from his place. To do so, we must make Death cry. So, use the mirror on him. It shows Death the truth, and eventually it breaks, causing Death to cry. We have fulfilled his challenge, and we are free to bring King Caliphim and Queen Allaria back to the Land of the Living. The three of you return to the Isle of the Crown, but the king and queen stays back to prepare to deal with the vizier. It's time to go to the village.

The lamp peddler is still here. Give him the old hunter's lamp. There are six lamps to choose from. Choose the second one from the right. He thanks you for your business and leaves, but not before he tries out the lamp we gave him to see if a genie comes out of it. Enter the pawn shop and trade the tinder box for the paintbrush. Leave the pawn shop. It's time to enter the castle. Go back to the crossroads and go north to the castle. Go around to the side of the castle. In inventory, use the black feather on the tea cup to stir the contents, then use the paintbrush on the wall to create a black outline of a door. Now, open the spell book and cast the “Magic Paint” spell to bring the door to life. Open the door. When Alexander steps in to the hallway, the door disappears, meaning Alexander will be unable to leave the castle the way he came in.

There are no guards in the hallway. Three doors that lead to the dungeons line the east wall, and this is where Alexander will end up if he gets caught by the guard dogs. Another door, on the west wall, cannot be accessed for now. Although there are no guard dogs in sight, it is only a matter of time before some will show up. Enter the dungeon on the left. The first thing that will happen is that you hear the same background music that was played when we met the mother ghost, and appearing on the cot is her little boy. Talk to him and give him his mother's handkerchief. Alexander is given a hint regarding the suit of armor in the basement. With that, the little boy ghosts leaves. Exit the dungeon.


If you are captured by the guard dogs and thrown into the dungeon, Jollo will come and release you (provided that you make friends with him earlier). He can only rescue you once. You can unlock the dungeon door with the skeleton key if you are caught a second time. If you are caught a third time, the guards confiscate the skeleton key. The game will then be over.

Walk east to the east basement hallway. Some stairs lead up to a door. Go up the stairs and look through the keyhole to see two guard dogs talking in the entrance hall. Go back down the stairs and enter the door to the east wall. Alexander ends up in Jollo's room. Here, Jollo writes at his desk and notices him. He tells Alexander that Cassima is being help upstairs, and that there are more Guard Dogs patrolling the castle, and the Guard Dogs would listen to Alexander if he can prove that the vizier is truly evil. After the conversation, give Jollo the lamp. He promises to swap the lamp for the real one, then give that lamp to you at some point. Go to the north basement hallway.

Occupying this hallway is the suit of armor and a door that leads to the “Guard Room”. Do not even try opening the door. The suit of armor has a right arm that is bent slightly. Pull on it and a secret doorway will open. Alexander will enter a secret passage with stairs leading up to another floor. There are also voices coming from the other side of the wall. Look through the chink in the wall. Alexander will overhear a conversation between Captain Saladin and two Guard Dogs regarding the princess and, especially, the secret room where the vizier is holding the royal treasury. He enchanted the door and one of the Guards heard him say the magic word he used to open it, which you should write down.

Go up the staircase where you enter a room with another chink in the wall, and crying coming from the other side. We'll deal with that later. Go west to the passageway. Go north again to see yet another chink in the wall. Alhazred is seen writing a letter at his desk. He outlines his intentions to wed Cassima and plans to cause another accident once he seizes power. He also plans to have Cassima killed for fear that she will cause interference. The vizier closes the letter off and then leaves the room.

Continue north through the forest. Alexander arrives at a dead-end, but there is a faint outline on one of the walls. Click the Hand icon on the outline and Alexander will enter Alhazred's room. There, use the skeleton key in the trunk at the foot of the bed to open it. Inside are some letters, a couple of books, and some perfume. Get the top-most letter and close the trunk. Open the ebony box to your right and examine the piece of paper. Write down the word that is on it and close the box. Go back the way you came, stopping at the top of the staircase. Now, look through the chink to see the source of the crying.

It's Cassima who is sitting on her bed. Alexander summons her over to where he is, and the two engage in some nice conversation. Cassima knows that Alhazred is truly evil and that she doesn't want to marry him. She has a plan to escape if she only has some means of defense. Cassima deserves to know the real truth, so show her the incriminating letter. She passes it back to you, in the hope that you can show it to someone who will help you defeat Alhazred. Great. Give her the dagger. She thanks Alexander and then Cassima is dragged out of her room. She has to get ready for the wedding whether she likes it or not.

Go back out into the hallway the way you came in, then go west. It's time to check out what is behind the enchanted door. Click the Talk icon on it to bring up a series of buttons that you have to press to say the magic word. Did you write the two words down on the piece of paper earlier? Enter those words letter by letter, and the door opens. Alexander enters the treasury. There, treasures adorn the room, with the man focus being something covered in that pink cloth in the middle of the room.

Click the Hand icon on the pink cloth to remove it, then examine the stolen treasures. They include the coat of arms, miniature oak tree, singing stone, and golden fleece. Leave the room. As soon as you exit, wedding music starts to play, and Guard Dogs start to file in from all directions. Go into the east hallway and wait until one of them goes through the door at the top of the stairs. Follow him to arrive in the entrance hall. Alexander will go to where the music is coming from: the double doors that lead to the throne room.

Captain Saladin emerges and points his sword at Alexander's throat and gives him five seconds to explain what he is doing here. Give him the incriminating letter. He reads it and is convinced that the vizier is evil. He ushers Alexander into the throne room where Alhazred and Cassima are already in the middle of the ceremony, with Guard Dogs on either side. Talk to either the vizier or the princess. Alhazred is enraged that Alexander managed to infiltrate the castle and orders Saladin to kill him. Saladin then asks Cassima what to do with Alexander. We find out Cassima is actually Shamir Shamazel, who orders Saladin to dispose of Alexander. Before Saladin carries out the order, King Caliphim and Queen Allaria enter and interrupt the ceremony.

After Queen Allaria points out that Cassima is fake, the genie poofs back into his true self and Alhazred runs out the door at the back, leaving Shamir to throw dazzling balls of light at the Guard Dogs. Follow the vizier up the steps to the top where Cassima is tied up. She warns Alexander that Alhazred is armed with a sword, and the vizier summons Shamir Shamazel and orders him to kill Alexander. At the last minute, Jollo appears and gives Alexander the genie's lamp, which you need to use on Shamir. Enraged, Alhazred approaches Alexander and draws his sword. Get the sword from the wall and use it on him. Enjoy the swordfight between the two. Eventually, Cassima will break free and stabs Alhazred with Lady Celeste's dagger. Finish him off while he's on the ground.

As Alexander rescued Cassima, the two lovebirds share a passionate kiss, but get interrupted by the Guard Dogs who take Alhazred away. What follows is a more satisfying wedding than the one you get in the short path, in which everyone (including the rulers of each Island, Cassima's parents, and the royal family) are in attendance. Captain Saladin does the honors. Alexander and Cassima are pronounced king and queen of the Land of the Green Isles, and agree to restore the kingdom back to its normal self. Cassima states that Alhazred stole the islands' treasures and spread lies about it that cause the islands to each other. With that, the wedding ends and the celebrations begin. For them, at least.

Congratulations! You have completed King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.

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