Written by  :  Robert Pragt (29)
Written on  :  Jan 10, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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This is possibly the best Kings Quest adventure in the series.

The Good

This game is part of the great Kings Quest series, all great adventures. In my opinion, this game is the best one of all. It has many puzzles that can be solved in different ways, one way easier than the other. But choosing the hard way over the easy will give you the best ending. Meet a lot of cool people in a fantasy world divided into several islands. Overall, this game is very cool and it will keep you playing, and you won't be stuck too long because of the multiple puzzle solutions.

The Bad

The story was a little unoriginal. A prince looking for his great love who is locked up in a tower by the evil wizard who wants to marry her to gain control over the land. But the way it is brought in this game, it doesn't matter much. Another thing that is a little anoying is the unexpected deaths. Example : You walk in a maze, you enter a passage (You cannot see where it will lead) and at the end of this passage, there's a hole in the ground, you fall in and are dead.

The Bottom Line

A very good adventure game with nice puzzles and riddles. A must for lovers of adventure games!