Written by  :  Ulysses (1)
Written on  :  Jan 18, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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Knights of Legend is a turn based role-playing game that is well developed.

The Good

You really feel like your in the world of Ashtalarea. The characters you create become a part of you. They become your small army. Your unit that fights monsters and goes on quests. If I wrote a fantasy novel with well developed characters and well described details with a first rate plot, it would be a re-telling of the most challenging quests in the game. That's how challenging and extensive the quests are. You customize your characters, personalizing them to the point where you start to feel like they have their own personallity.

The Bad

This game was created about 13 years ago. The graphics are dated but are still first rate. There is no audio. And because it was designed to be expandable with added moduals that were never created, once you play all the quests and the final mission, you want more. AND WE CAN'T GET MORE.

The Bottom Line

Knights of Legend is the best role-playing game I've ever played. Live action games may rule the industry, but anyone who loves tactics and strategy will get a kick from playing this game.