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Knights of Xentar (DOS)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Knights of Xentar Credits


Executive ProducersMasato Hiruta, Shigeru Mabuchi, Kenny Wu
Visual Design Jujuro, Atsushi Shimoda
Game DesignMasato Hiruta, Shigeru Mabuchi
Graphic Design Ikuko,  Yoko
Game Script and ManualDavid Moskowitz
Voices Performed by thePro Motions Production Company
DirectorLani Minella
Anime ArtistsM. Hatoro, K. Mikado, A. Nakao, K. Souma, Fumiko Suzuki
ProgrammingH. Iwatsuki, Shigeru Mabuchi, S. Murao, A. Nakao, A. Shimoyama
Music Bananapple, M. Kunieda, H. Sano
CG CheckH. Suga (Animation), Yoshifumi Takaoka (Event)
Art DirectorM. Noguchi
PC‑9801 DesignS. Mori, A. Nakao
Beta TestingDaniel Chan, T. Mizutani, M. Sugiura
Translated from Japanese byShigeru Mabuchi
Special Thanks ToEduardo Hernandez, T. Kawakami, Gary Lee
JAPANH. Kai, K. Koguchi, J. Toyoshima, C. Ura, E. Yamada
USADennis Diep, Sharon Rummery

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