Written by  :  Dave Schenet (138)
Written on  :  Mar 26, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Beautiful presentation, both visually and musically. Too bad it isn't a game.

The Good

The best parts of this game were the graphics (high-resolution pre-rendered stills), as well as the haunting music. As you travel the Labyrinth, crossing between various time periods and areas in the past, present, and future, one has to admire the beauty in which it was presented. The landscapes and environments seem ordinary enough, but there is always a touch of surrealism. Even as the game opens, the intro sequence is impressively done, in its simplicity - a series of black and white still images (scanned photographs, actually), that turn into color as your character exits the "normal" world into the Labyrinth.

There was a very strong sense of isolation in this game, a "last man on earth" feel. All of the areas in the game, and even all of the areas depicted in the intro would, on a normal day, be bustling with activity - however, here, they're all completely empty.

The Bad

Unfortunatly, once you look past the graphics and music, there really isn't a game. Sure, there are some illogical puzzles here and there, but the main point seemed to be a proof-of-concept for detailed graphics, and digitized music.

The Bottom Line

Think of this game as being very similar to Myst. Beautiful to look at, but not much of an actual game at all. Might be worth taking a look at though, even by today's standards.