On the player selection screen, there is a character's portrait that looks an awful lot like Mister T from The A-Team TV series. On some versions of the game, his name is given as Joe.

Differences from Crazy Cars III

  • Two player mode in substitution of the training mode.
  • Reworked title screen.
  • The brands Lamborghini and Diablo are now used under license from Automobili Lamborghini S.P.A, Italy.
  • Mouse support (DOS version)
  • Music has been retouched to better fit the Sound Blaster capabilities (DOS version).
  • EGA is no longer supported, only VGA/MCGA and superiors. The setup options at startup are also gone (DOS version).
  • CC3 only allows the user to save a game after a Division Challenge is won. "Lamborghini American Challenge" prompts the user to save progress every 5 races, whatever the result.
  • The night goggles item is no longer available for purchase, except in the SNES version. However, the slot in the score board where it should appear still exists.
  • The car no longer bounces to the top of the screen after driving through slopes at high speeds. Also, sharp turns are no longer signaled.
  • Car colors are different. In CC3 Sly gets the red Lamborghini, whereas in "Lamborghini American Challenge" he drives the yellow one.
  • Different title tune (Amiga version)
  • No introduction (Amiga version)
  • Different scoring system. In CC3 the player is rewarded with the score adequate to his/her position during the race. The 1st place is worth 3 points per second, the 2nd place is worth 2 points per second and any other place is worth 1 point per second. In "Lamborghini American Challenge" during the whole race you get 1 point no matter on what place you are driving.

SNES version

The SNES version of the game is unique in that it supports the Super Scope Light Gun. Having it plugged in activates a unique racing mode and changes the game considerably, as the player can shoot his way through traffic rather than avoiding it.


  • ST Format
    • January 1993 (issue #42) - #18 in '50 finest Atari ST games of all time' list
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