Written by  :  MAT (180910)
Written on  :  Nov 22, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Finally, on their own grounds

The Good

Westwood reached out to brilliance with their Eye of the Beholder games while working under SSI's surveillance, and soon after they became independent game developer on their own, they decided to give it baby one more try! Aha! And this time with noone but their own team, and hence Lands of Lore was born. Superior to EotB in everything but nostalgic factor, this game casted vast outdoors as well as indoors upon the player. The detail level was simply amazing, and you could now hop through shots or slide to create more real movement feeling. Frank Klepacki did brilliant soundtrack to emphasize the atmosphere of this game, whose only lack was it that it wasn't released as soundtrack itself as well. But hey, at least we got one for the sequel, so woo-jolly-hoo!

Unlike the floppy version (haven't seen that one, but I think there was one), CD-ROM version featured full voice-acting, and not only that, this game was the prelude to Westwood's later known actor acting in various C&C games, and for this one they picked none other but Jean-Luc Picard... or should I say, Patrick Stewart who did the voice of King of Gladstone, and the one to set you on this quest to face the evil old hag, Scotia... who I just happen to like for some peculiar and unknown reason. Must be 'cos she made me laugh a couple of times... and I really loved the sequel, where you play her son, DUN DUN!!

This game is long, has a huge variety of settings, music for each place, lots of characters, and even some neat and unexpected twists and turns in the plot. If I should judge it by how quality this game looks and feels, there'd be none of its kind to match its strength. It's a solid overture to EotB and a first in a proud trilogy to experience. And forget not, this game has a fully automated mapping system, so no more sketching yer own maps.

The Bad

As much as this game really was something, I can't say it was that fun to play, because let's face it, games in EotB style are not fun to play... to me, anyway. Especially when this long. But on the quality level, nothing beats it, and all those beautiful cinematics you'll encounter, it's a real jewel, I don't think there are two games of its kind, so this one's rather unique.

The Bottom Line

First in the trilogy, doesn't boost up the story, but shows you how it all began, creates a certain universe so you can easier take on the sequels, and has one helluva soundtrack. A part of what is probably the best RPG franchise ever created.