The Lawnmower Man Credits


ProductionRob Henderson
Executive ProducerJane Cavanagh
DirectorFergus McNeill
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMark Eyles
MusicFergus McNeill
Soundtrack "The Entity"Steve Hillage
German VoiceoverTina Eriskat
Graphics / ArtworkGlenn Broadway, Russ Dunham, Virgil Manning, Robert Plested
ProgrammingJohn Chasey, Ken Farnen, Jon Mullins
DesignClement Chambers
PlaytestingSean Kelly, Chris Lipscombe, Michael Wolliston, James Loftus
Development SystemJohn Chasey
Production DirectorMichael Hodges
MarketingJames Owens, Colin Brown
PRJames Owens, Colin Brown
Management / ControllingNigel Wayne, Bhanu Patel
Manual Layout / ArtworkThe Producers, Kee Scott Associates
Graphics / Artwork CoordinationJames Owens, Nicky Pancoust, Colin Brown
AdministrationStephanie Railton
Special Thanks ToEdward Simons, Peter McRae, Mike Limber, Lisa Sontag, Connie Booth, Randy Thier, Derek dela Fuente, Andy Butcher, Freehand, Adris, Wavefront UK

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