Leather Goddesses of Phobos! 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X Credits


DesignSteve Eric Meretzky
ProgrammingWilliam D. Volk
Additional ProgrammingGlyn Anderson, Heather Barclay, David Betz, Con Gilbert, Gordon Haberfelde, Jeff Hall, Robert K. Jung, Lee Powell, Chuck Romberger
Music / Sound ProgrammingPete Mokris
Graphics / ArtworkMimi Doggett, Bruce Kruger, Clifford Lau, Kristin J. Mallory, Jim Voytilla, Paul Watts
MusicRussell Lieblich
DocumentationTom Sloper
ProducerTom Sloper
Technical DirectorWilliam D. Volk
Writing / Dialogue / StorySteve Eric Meretzky
PlaytestingMichael Coustier, Kelly Walker Rogers
Acting / VoiceoversLola , Dan Balmer, Gale Brennan, Anne Canfield, Dennis Caswell, Cha Cha Chavez, Judy Davis, Mimi Doggett, Jeff Hall, Kevin MacKinen, Mike McAllister, John Michael Gray, Amr Mourad, Beecher Sykes, Donna Vee, Harold Von Drehle, Steve DeFrisco
Special Thanks ToSteven Blackstock, Kevin Cheung, Robert Kotick, Nicholas Lavroff, Beverly Owen, Tom Reuterdahl, Joy Schneer, John A. S. Skeel, Rob Wallin, Kelly Zmak

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tony Van (2855)