Written by  :  Robert Pragt (29)
Written on  :  Jan 09, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Save the world from the walking glove!

The Good

This game is a very good point and click adventure game. Kyrandia is slowly disappearing! Nobody know what's happening and what to do about it. The hand (yes, a hand) is experienced in these kind of things and says an anchorstone from the center of the world must be retrieved to stop Kyrandia from disappearing. You take on the role of Zanthia, youngest of the Kyrandian mystics, to get the anchorstone and save the world. You get to meet a lot of funny characters, figure out a few intresting puzzles and travel the beautiful land of Kyrandia. A nice twist is added to the story near the end ( not a really unexpected one, but nice anyway). The sound is also very good. All the characters have voices (not only some text on the screen) and the music fits perfectly into the scenery.

The Bad

I liked about everything about this game.

The Bottom Line

A very nice point and click adventure, perhaps not my absolute favorite but it's in my top 5 !